Alternative Tracking Technologies

From the release of Varjo Base 2.0 onward, Varjo provides an API for third-party tracking technology providers to integrate their solution with Varjo headsets. Further technical explanation is found here.

Contact your tracking technology provider for more details, or to inquire about possibilities to integrate with Varjo.


Instructions for using alternative tracking technologies

  1. Install the necessary software as per the System requirements. Regardless of the alternative tracking technology you’re using, you will still need to download and install SteamVR.
  2. Download and install the tracking software and plugin. You can find this package and additional instructions from your tracking technology provider.
  3. Follow the steps in Getting started to open Varjo Base, connect your headset, and download the headset configuration bundle.

    For  VR-2 Pro, VR-2, and VR-1: Follow steps 1-3 and skip steps 4-7.
    For XR-1: Follow steps 1-4 and skip steps 5-8.

  4. Open Varjo Base. Navigate to the System tab and select your tracking technology from the dropdown list under the Tracking section. Please note that this list will only appear after the tracking software has been installed.


Important: certain OpenVR applications (such as SteamVR apps) may require the use of SteamVR™ room setup or SteamVR™ controllers. As a result, these applications may not work with alternative tracking technologies. Refer to your tracking technology provider for details.