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Get ready for maximum performance in VR/XR.

Need help getting started with your XR or VR program? Varjo devices are compatible with a broad range of hardware, accessories, and 3D software.

We also have several content studio partners that can help create the right content for your needs. Find everything you need to get Varjo-ready here.

Varjo-Ready Computers

Varjo headsets are tethered devices, and they are compatible with a broad range of Windows 10 and 11 computers. Find our recommended models here.

Varjo-Ready Software

Ready to step into the new reality? Varjo headsets offer complete compatibility with a broad range of software such as Unity™, Unreal Engine™, OpenXR 1.0, and a broad range of professional 3D software for VR and XR, including Autodesk VRED™, Lockheed Martin Prepar3d™, VBS BlueIG™, and FlightSafety Vital™. Varjo also supports SteamVR™ applications.

In addition, any software is easily ported into Varjo via OpenXR or Varjo native SDK.

Varjo-Ready Content Studios

Can’t build everything in-house? Do you need to find a VR/AR/XR content studio partner to work on your immersive project using Varjo products and services? We have several studio partners who work with our customers across the globe.

Varjo-Ready Accessories

Need additional face cushions, cables, adapters, base stations or more? Find our accessories here.

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Face Cushions

Varjo face cushions are easily cleaned after use and provide a hygienic experience with multiple headset users. One-sized face cushion accommodates different head shapes and provides more space between eyeglasses and the headset lenses.

10-metre Cable Pair

Extend the operating range of your Varjo XR-3 or VR-3 headset with the 10-metre (32.5 ft) USB C-type active optical cable.

Base Stations

SteamVR™ 2.0 base stations track the exact location of your headset.

Still not sure where to start?

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