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Varjo Reality Cloud

Varjo Reality Cloud: Stream a supercharged reality

Simplify VR and XR software use, and the hardware required to run it. Empower professionals to collaborate in immersive workflows across multiple devices.

NEW: Stream immersive content to Apple iPhones and iPads with the all-new iOS application

Now supporting immersive content from Unity, Unreal and Autodesk VRED.

Professional immersive streaming made simple

Immersive 3D workflows are difficult to deploy for enterprises, requiring advanced hardware setups, technical expertise, and costly maintenance.

Varjo Reality Cloud moves the immense rendering loads of XR or VR software to powerful cloud-based GPUs, enabling professional-grade immersive content to be securely streamed to a wide range of affordable devices.

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As simple as a video call

Seamlessly invite collaborators, using various VR or XR headsets, PCs, laptops, mobile phones or tablets to join multi-user immersive sessions of professional software (such as Autodesk’s VRED) in just a matter of clicks.

Users joining a VRED session no longer need technical knowledge, local software installation, or a high end PC. This is the easiest way to scale the use of collaborative spatial workflows.

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Start a multi-user, mixed reality VRED session.
Upload and access Unity and Unreal XR/VR builds.

Manage 3D content at scale

Manage, share and grant access to graphically intensive Unity and Unreal Engine builds across your entire organisation, via an ultra-intuitive UI.

Choose who can access your most up-to-date content, and allow curated groups of team members to stream encrypted, high-fidelity VR/XR content direct to their preferred device.

Begin streaming

NEW:  Join in on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device

Varjo Reality Cloud can stream supported VR and XR content (Unity, Unreal, or VRED-based) to a dedicated windows application available to download. Users can now join in immersive sessions with headset wearing colleagues from their compatible desktop or laptop, no headset required.

For an even more mobile experience, Varjo Reality Cloud sessions can now also be accessed via the brand new iOS application, unlocking professional-grade spatial computing for iPhones and iPads on-the-go.

Join sessions even without a VR or XR headset.

Varjo Reality Cloud Scalable VR enterprise

More Devices — Tapping into the power of the cloud allows graphically intensive 3D content to be streamed to headsets, computers, and mobiles devices that otherwise would never meet the minimum performance requirements.

Varjo Reality Cloud High fidelity VR stream

Wider deployments — Professional-grade immersive content no longer needs to be restricted to engineer roles with dedicated workstations. Expand spatial workflows to more roles, departments, and locations than ever before.

Effortless Collaboration — Invite colleagues to the professional metaverse through an ultra intuitive UX, and ramp up efficiency by managing and distributing 3D content across entire teams at the click of a button.

Prepare for a graphically-intensive future

Varjo Reality Cloud delivers users streamed visual clarity that matches the industry’s most advanced local setups, with a fraction of the complexity.

Here’s how it works.

Foveated data transport

The Foveated Transport Algorithm prioritizes high pixel density according to a user’s gaze, for optimized data transfer that enables radical cloud performance.

1000:1 compression

Advanced compression rapidly shrinks and unpacks data for high-speed transmission between the cloud and the headset, with low latency and bandwidth usage.

Unrestricted compute power

Existing hardware can now tap into the scalable power of cloud-based AWS GPU instances to render intense graphical loads.

Airtight Security

Secured data with AES compliant over-the-air encryption and completely self-contained sessions that leave zero residual data server-side.

“A significant step towards democratizing the use of VR and XR for collaboration through ease of use and lower PC hardware requirements”

T. Jon Mayer - Head of Exterior Design, Volvo
See how Volvo's design teams in Gothenburg, Sweden and Los Angeles, California have implemented a transatlantic virtual workflow

Support for professional software workflows

Run a comprehensive design review experience in Autodesk’s VRED, with full VR and XR visualization capabilities, multi-user sessions, and no local installation.

NEW NOVEMBER 2022: Stream virtual and mixed-reality content built with the world’s most popular graphics engines, Unity and Unreal, opening up infinite possibilities for scaling the use of immersive content.

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The road ahead

Varjo’s current selection of compatible devices (VR and XR headsets, PCs, laptops, and mobile devices) and supported professional-grade software is growing.

To discuss support for your team’s preferred devices and workflows, get in touch with the Varjo team.

Discuss Varjo Reality Cloud for your organization

“With Varjo Reality Cloud, we can now effortlessly manage and share the immersive content we create, with full confidence that it will be shown at its best.”

Tomoyo Hirayama, Project Manager, HoloLab Inc.

“Varjo’s high streaming quality allows for even the most graphically intensive experiences to be shown as the creators intended, without noticeable latency, in real-time. Human-eye resolution for immersive VR/XR streaming is an absolute game changer.”

Ryunosuke Tsukidate, xR/CGI/VFX Producer, Next-gen Renderer Project Manager, Information Services Internationals-Dentsu (ISID)

“Varjo Reality Cloud is a pioneering platform that will allow creators everywhere to access and work with Unity's real-time 3D platform more easily than ever before.”

Will McDonald, Senior Director of VR and AR, Unity

“Thanks to Varjo’s pioneering work with cloud technology, now anyone can empower themselves to stream visually jaw-dropping Unreal experiences at a never-before-seen scale”

Tomi Laitila, Head of Operations at Cornerstone, ZOAN

“Users can collaborate around realistic, real-scale virtual models in real-time, making immersive workflows more efficient than ever before.”

Lukas Fäth, Senior Product Manager, Autodesk

“A turn-key solution that allows users with very different skill levels to be brought into an immersive environment to collaborate.”

Trevor Green, Lead of Visualization Design, Rivian

“A great step forward in bringing scalable true-to-life VR experiences to professionals across industries.”

Lisa Bell-Cabrera, Director of Business Development XR, NVIDIA

“Varjo Reality Cloud opens the access to immersive design collaborations for everyone, everywhere at KIA. Reducing the complexity and technical requirements is key to the success of immersive technology in the future.”

Thomas Unterluggauer, Visualization Manager, KIA

“With Varjo Reality Cloud, we can now collaborate around lifelike virtual car models streaming from the cloud with significantly reduced complexity and PC hardware requirements.”

T. Jon Mayer, Head of Exterior Design, Volvo

Special Event: Introducing Unity and Unreal Support

Watch our Varjo Reality Cloud special event, where we presented the endless possibilities streaming support for applications built with Unity and Unreal provides.

Enjoy live demos and hear from representatives at Varjo, Epic Games, AWS, and Unity, as they unpack the next giant leap forward in making the professional metaverse an accessible reality.

Technical details

See what’s needed to get up and running, from hardware specs to network requirements.

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Floating license model, no commitment or tie-ins and anytime cancellations.

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