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Varjo XR-3 mixed reality headset can be deployed even in the highest-security environments, as we support information assurance procedures and requirements.

Shape the Future of Professional XR/VR: Become a Varjo Software Partner

Apply now to the Varjo Software Partner Program to unlock significant discounts and benefits on Varjo’s industry-leading devices. Submit your project today.

Develop for Varjo's award-winning professional XR and VR devices

Varjo's XR and VR devices are compatible with a fast-growing collection of the world’s most popular 3D platforms and software. The Varjo Software Partner Program is a special program designed to support the continued expansion of support for applications across industries.

Our goal is to innovate together with top industry developer and software providers, enabling your customers to optimize their workflows with the very best solutions running on Varjo’s professional-grade XR/VR devices.

The Varjo Software Partner Program is open to eligible companies of all sizes who develop professional XR/VR solutions, have internal development resources and are ready to integrate their offering with Varjo devices using our SDK.

Apply now on behalf of your organization to gain access to significant discounts and benefits on Varjo HMDs, including exclusive early access to software releases, 1-on-1 integration support, and co-marketing opportunities to showcase your project with Varjo in human eye resolution. Become a Varjo Software Partner today.


Apply now to join the Varjo Software Partner Program

Want to learn more about developing for Varjo?

Visit our Developer Portal, designed specifically with your development and integration needs in mind.

View documentation, get support from our team of experts, and learn how to develop for Varjo headsets, creating human-eye resolution immersive experiences with the 3D tools you already use today.

Visit the Varjo Developer Portal

Get in touch with our experts to learn more about the significant discounts available in our Software Partner Program. Please note that the discounts and benefits cover Varjo headsets only – you will need to acquire your compatible PC separately.

To apply: Submit a description of your interest and an outline of your product/solution via the form below. 

Note: We are currently processing hundreds of applications, so please excuse any possible delay in our response! Thank you for your patience.

3D software optimized for Varjo devices

Below are a few of the many 3D platforms and software currently leveraging the power of Varjo’s professional XR and VR devices. See the full list and apply today.

“Varjo is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in VR fidelity. This is the first headset to move us closer to VR feeling real.”

– Timoni West, Director of XR Technologies at Unity

“The incredible visuals provided by Varjo, combined with Unreal Engine 4, shows an exciting future for high-end visualization.”

– Simon Jones, Director of Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games

“Combining Varjo with VRED, our customers can experience and evaluate VR prototypes with an unprecedented level of detail and realism.”

– Lukas Fäth, Product Manager Autodesk VRED

“Together, Varjo and Prepar3D deliver a completely immersive, experiential learning environment in photorealistic VR.”

– Adam Breed, Engineering Project Manager at Lockheed Martin

Learn more about Varjo's resolution revolution:

Get to Know the New VR/XR Software Features in Varjo Base 3.4

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Dec 16, 2021

Case ZOAN: Building a Virtual Head Office in the Metaverse


Nov 18, 2021

Case AF Gruppen: VR design reviews reduce costs and emissions for AEC projects


Nov 8, 2021


As a business customer, you have access to our full product range.

  • Varjo XR-3
  • Varjo VR-3
  • Varjo Aero

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Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.

  • Varjo Aero

For private customers, Varjo Aero is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, and all EU countries.


As a business customer, you have access to our full product range.

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Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.