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Using Varjo Controllers

This page will show you the basics of using your Varjo Controllers.


Keys and parts


  1. Hand strap
  2. Status indicator
  3. Thumbstick
  4. Button A
  5. Button B
  6. Menu button / Long press to power on and off
  7. Trigger
  8. Grip button
  9. Charging port (USB-C)
  10. Hand strap release button


Wearing instructions


1. Hold the controller in your hand so that you can reach all buttons comfortably with your fingers. Tighten the hand strap by pulling the tightening loop.
2. You can detach the hand strap from the controller. Push the hand strap release button and pull the lower part of the hand strap away. Release the upper part of the hand strap, for example with the help of a paper clip.


Powering the controllers on and off

Long press the Menu button to power the controllers on and off. The controllers will go idle if unused for 5 minutes.

The controllers are automatically activated when you press any button.


Pairing instructions

Varjo Base instructs you how to pair the controllers when first setting up your headset.

You can also pair the controllers at any time in Varjo Base:

  1. Under System, navigate to Device management and select Pair controllers.
  2. Follow the instructions in Varjo Base.

Note: Varjo Controllers should be paired within 2 m of the headset.


Status indicator light patterns

The status indicator light is located under the controller buttons. The light patterns correspond to controller status as follows:

LED pattern Controller status
Green (solid) The controller is connected and working normally.
Green (breathing) The controller is powered on but the paired headset is not found. This may happen if, for example, the headset is off or too far from the controller.
Blue (solid) The controller is powered on but not paired.
Blue (blinking) The controller is pairing.
Orange (breathing) The controller is charging.
Red (solid) The controller battery is low.
Red (blinking) The controller battery is critically low.
Purple (solid) The controller is updating firmware.
Purple (two blinks) Hardware reset successful.


Controller tracking

Varjo Controllers use infra-red light for tracking. The controllers are tracked using the headset cameras and need to be in line-of-sight of them to track accurately.

Make sure not to cover the controller tracking loop as this can affect tracking performance.


Updating controllers


Automatic updates

To enable automatic firmware updates, navigate to the Support tab and enable Automatically check for updates. This allows Varjo Base to automatically check and display a notification when updates are available. Varjo Base will always ask for your permission to install updates.

Updating the controller firmware manually

You can download firmware updates from Varjo Account Portal.


Resetting the controller

If your controller becomes unresponsive, you can reset it using the reset pin hole at the back of the controller. Resetting the controller restarts it but does not remove pairing with the headset.

  1. Press down with a small pin (for example a paper clip) until you hear a click.
  2. The controller is now reset.