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VR & XR Case Studies

25 of Fortune100 companies are already partnering with Varjo across multiple business areas. Discover how professionals in industries from aerospace to manufacturing leverage virtual and mixed reality in their workflows already today to save time, money, and effort.

Aechelon flight simulation

A Quantum Leap in XR Simulation: How Aechelon and Varjo Are Shaping the Future of Fighter Jet Pilot Training

VR maintenance training

Mastering Machinery with Mixed Reality: How HTX Labs and Varjo Are Transforming Aircraft Maintenance Training


How Rivian Achieved a Faster Design Process with Virtual Reality

Training and Simulation

Operating Drones in Mixed Reality: How Inzpire Leverages Varjo for Next-Gen UAV Training

MVR Jtac simulator
Training and Simulation

Mixed Reality in JTAC Training: A New Dimension in Defence Preparedness

Varjo mixed reality maritime training
Training and Simulation

How Wärtsilä Revolutionizes Maritime Training with Varjo’s XR Technology

UX design in VR
Case Study

Panasonic Automotive Powers Innovative Vehicle UX Design with Varjo’s Virtual Reality

virtual reality car launch
Marketing & Sales

Kia Launches New EV9 Model in Finland with Varjo’s Mixed Reality

KPF VR for architecture

How KPF is Transforming Architectural Visualization with Varjo’s Virtual Reality

Tata Steel VR Steel Production simulator
Training and Simulation

Shaping the Future of Steel Production Training: Tata Steel’s Pioneering Use of VR with Steel Sim VR and Varjo

Air Zermatt VR helicopter training

How Air Zermatt is Setting New Standards for Helicopter Pilot Training with Varjo

Lockheed Martin Varjo Reality Cloud
Training and Simulation

Lockheed Martin and Varjo Demonstrate Next-Gen Immersive Cloud Streaming Technology for Training

Varjo XR-3 and Aero - courtroom animations

Case Explico: How Mixed Reality Helps Forensic Engineers Educate Jurors in the Courtroom


Reimagining Aeromedical Training: How Real Response is Transforming the Way We Learn with Mixed Reality

FORCE Technology Maritime Training
Training and Simulation

How FORCE Technology Achieves a Thousandfold Cost Reduction in Maritime Training with Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

Red Bull Water – Breaking the Surface - Mixed Reality Watersports Experience
Marketing & Sales

Red Bull Brings the Thrill of Extreme Watersports to Museumgoers with Varjo’s Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

FlightSafety International Xr-3 Focal Edition

FlightSafety International and Varjo Offer Mixed Reality Training in the Highest-Security Environments

Varjo and Finnish Opera: Using VR in opera and stage production

Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s Turandot Becomes the First Production to Utilize Varjo’s XR Technology

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VR and XR Case Studies - Varjo

Every day, Varjo devices are used to speed up design workflows, cut prototyping costs, improve training efficacy and efficiency, gain deeper insights into human research, and much more – all in a photorealistic immersive environment.

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