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The Best in the Business Trust Varjo – VR and XR Case Studies

From the very beginning we’ve built Varjo devices for visionaries in some of the world’s most demanding industries. Read about the revolutionary ways they use Varjo’s mixed and virtual reality headsets to save money, time and effort.

Training & simulation  Design & Engineering  Medical

Train Remotely for the Most Complex Procedures

Varjo & Boeing: A New Era in Astronaut Training with VR

With Varjo, the Boeing Starliner program unlocks an entirely new way for astronauts to prepare for spaceflight. Varjo allows astronaut training – from pre-launch to docking to landing – entirely in VR for the first time.

Training & Simulation

Case Tenstar Simulation

Read how Tenstar Simulation reduces the cost of training heavy machinery operators by 90% while increasing safety with Varjo headsets.

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Case Finnish Air Force

The Finnish Air Force, Varjo, Patria and BI Simulations have collaborated on a pioneering Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) training solution. Read how virtual simulation can augment live exercises and unlock new training possibilities.

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Case Lockheed Martin

Empowering a training experience with a wide field of view, without the overhead of a large dome simulator.

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Lockheed Martin: Training and Simulation in Virtual Reality and Mixed reality – XR and VR case studies

Case Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Using Varjo headsets to provide immersive, cost-effective, portable and time-saving mixed reality training.

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Bohemia Interactive Simulations: Training and Simulation in Virtual Reality and Mixed reality – XR and VR case studies

Case FlightSafety International

Breaking the resolution barrier in XR flight simulators allows more natural interactions.

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FlightSafety International: Training and Simulation in Virtual Reality and Mixed reality – XR and VR case studies with Varjo

Case Ryan Aerospace

Reducing training time needed in real helicopters by 40% with VR training.

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Ryan Aerospace: Training and Simulation in Virtual Reality and Mixed reality – XR and VR case studies with Varjo
Minimize Human Errors in Safety-Critical Environments

Case Fortum: Train Nuclear Power Plant Operators in VR

The Loviisa plant in Finland is the first nuclear power plant in the world building a dedicated VR training room for control room operators. And Varjo is the only virtual reality device that is up to the challenge.

Pilots Need Perfect Vision

Case Saab: Train Fighter Pilots with VR

Learn how Saab's fighter pilots can train effectively with Varjo's human-eye resolution virtual reality technology.

Design & Engineering

Global Design Reviews Can Go from Days to One Hour

Case Kia: Drive the Future with XR Collaboration in Car Design

With Varjo supported by Autodesk VRED, Kia’s visualization process can move to a totally immersive, photorealistic mixed reality environment. And that means global design reviews can go from days to an hour.

Evaluate Prototypes & Active Safety Technologies with XR

Case Volvo: Test Drive in Mixed Reality

Volvo Cars and Varjo have made it possible to drive a real car while wearing a headset, seamlessly adding virtual elements that seem real. Read how Volvo Cars is now able to do things in a day that would normally take weeks or longer. Watch the demo video and read more.

Streamline Product Development & Review Cycles

Case Siemens: Cut the Design Process from Days to Minutes

Siemens Corporate Technology's idea is to allow novices not familiar with complex CAD and simulation tools to evaluate and improve the ideas with Varjo's VR before passing them on to the experts.

Reimagine the Future of Creative Productions

Case Finnish National Opera: Stage Design with XR

With Varjo, creative teams across the globe can come together in a photorealistic virtual or mixed reality space where new concepts can be showcased, discussed and iterated in real time.

Case Sellen: Use VR to Save Time, Money and Effort in Construction Projects

The cost of physical mockups can run up to a million dollars. With Varjo, it’s now possible to replace physical mockups with virtual ones.

Read how Sellen Construction saves time, money and effort throughout the entire lifecycle of a building project with VR.

Case Volvo Design: Speed Up Automotive Design with Mixed Reality

Volvo is using Varjo headsets for pioneering automotive design work.

We sat down with Volvo’s VP of Visual Art Design, Christian Braun, to discuss some the key benefits Volvo has got from using Varjo’s mixed reality headsets for interior and exterior design work.


Case Laerdal: The Next Level of Immersion in Healthcare Simulation

Laerdal’s mission is ambitious: to help save an additional one million lives every year by 2030. Towards this end, Laerdal is working with Varjo with the goal of developing the next generation of immersive, effective mixed reality training for medical scenarios.

Case Osgenic: Revolutionize Surgical Training with VR

Hear how Dr. Arne Schlenzka and Osgenic are training surgeons for complex surgeries with Varjo’s human-eye resolution virtual reality – and why Varjo is the only device up for the challenge.

Looking for more VR and XR case studies & examples?

To unlock more VR & XR case studies and learn about the transformative power of Varjo for professional workflows, reach out to our product experts.

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