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Varjo favors the bold. Are you itching to tell the tale of absolute immersion, and play a vital role in the resolution revolution?

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Our ideal collaborators meet the following criteria;

  • Have 10,000+ followers on a main channel
  • Hold a highly engaged audience
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  • Focus on Varjo-related topics (XR/VR, tech, simulation and gaming)


Do you remember the moment virtual reality first captured your imagination? The idea of a device that instantly teleports you and all of your senses to another world, with complete immersion, where the rules and constraints of our everyday lives simply do not exist?

We do, and so do your followers.

By focusing on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in virtual and mixed reality, Varjo is behind the most advanced hardware and software available in the industry. If you want to be amongst the first to deliver news and insights on the absolute forefront of VR and XR technology, join the Varjo Influencer Program, and get access to tools such as advanced insider information, demo devices, software access, affiliate links and more.


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Covering new hardware, exciting new software features, or other technological breakthroughs; make sure you are the first to know what's cooking at Varjo HQ.

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Ever felt a little disappointed that VR tech doesn't live up to your imagination? Varjo gives a fascinating glimpse into what no-compromise immersive tech can look like.

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With millions of combined view counts across various platforms, join other leading content creators who have fired up their audiences with Varjo-related content.

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Get access to review units for our legendary professional-grade headsets, try our software solutions and be amongst the first to try VR and XR tech of tomorrow.


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