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Varjo Announces Software Compatibility with TechViz, Making 200+ Industrial 3D Applications Available For VR-1, the World’s Only Human-Eye Resolution Device

The Varjo VR-1 integration with TechViz allows highest-end visualization of 3D models in Catia, Creo, NX, Revit and many more

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iMotions and Varjo announce integration of VR-1 headset into the iMotions 8.0 software for next level human behaviour research

The iMotions software is used within fields such as psychology, medical research, usability, brand and marketing. The combination of Varjo’s...

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Varjo Announces Reseller Network to Expand Access to World’s First Human-Eye Resolution Virtual Reality Device, VR-1

Program launches with 14 resellers, bringing in-person demos and local support to more than 34 countries across Europe, North America...

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Varjo Announces XR-1 Developer Edition, A Video-Pass-Through Headset For Engineers, Designers and Researchers on the Cutting Edge of Mixed Reality

XR-1 Delivers Photo-realistic Visual Fidelity in Full Field of View, Resulting in True Mixed Reality Indistinguishable from the Real World;...

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Varjo in the news

Varjo’s super high-resolution VR headset promises virtual worlds that actually look real

Most virtual reality headset screens are still sort of blurry, but Finnish company Varjo has an unusual approach to changing...

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The Varjo VR-1: Everything You Need To Know About The Highest-End VR Headset In The World

It sports the best visual fidelity of any headset on the planet. It has a proprietary eye-tracking solution with sub-degree...

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This is the best VR headset I’ve ever demoed

This headset delivers a pretty transformative experience. The headset works by pairing a more conventionally resolutioned VR display with miniature...

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Would you pay $ 6,000 for vision-quality VR?

Just as with the first time I tried Varjo’s prototype, the instrument panels weren’t simply clear, but legible—down to the...

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