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Varjo’s super high-resolution VR headset promises virtual worlds that actually look real

Most virtual reality headset screens are still sort of blurry, but Finnish company Varjo has an unusual approach to changing...

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The Varjo VR-1: Everything You Need To Know About The Highest-End VR Headset In The World

It sports the best visual fidelity of any headset on the planet. It has a proprietary eye-tracking solution with sub-degree...

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This is the best VR headset I’ve ever demoed

This headset delivers a pretty transformative experience. The headset works by pairing a more conventionally resolutioned VR display with miniature...

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Would you pay $ 6,000 for vision-quality VR?

Just as with the first time I tried Varjo’s prototype, the instrument panels weren’t simply clear, but legible—down to the...

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