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Varjo Beta Prototype

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Mixed Reality Add-on vision

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Bionic Display™ comparison images

These high resolution images were shot through the Varjo Technology Demo headset with the Sony DSC-RX 100M4 camera, optics and zoom. The cropped images show the same region of view as seen through the Oculus CV1 headset and the Varjo Technology Demo headset, using Bionic Display™.

If you’re using any of the images here editorially, feel free to crop for clarity.

Car design scene

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VR cockpit instrumentation scene

Comparison of details of the 3d model used in a Varjo example VR scene.

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San Francisco Skyline

Comparison of details in the scenery.

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CAD model

Comparison of details of a 2D CAD model from an Varjo example blueprint viewer VR scene.

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VR scene detail

Comparison of details seen in an example Unity VR scene.

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Niko Eiden

Urho Konttori

Jussi Mäkinen

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Varjo logo

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