Varjo’s dream is a new reality.

Varjo makes human-eye resolution VR and XR devices that help professionals in the most demanding industries push the limits of what’s ever been possible.

Ultimately we’re creating a new kind of immersive computing, where virtual, augmented and physical realities become one. When we’re done, computers will look nothing like they do today.

Create, train and run research with the highest-end professional VR/XR.

Varjo’s products allow professionals to design and modify 3D models, train in realistic environments, and create limitless research scenarios – all with the pixel-perfect clarity that only Varjo can deliver. Our products feature human-eye resolution, the world’s most accurate integrated eye tracking, broad software compatibility, and more.


XR-1 Developer Edition

XR-1 Developer Edition is a photorealistic mixed reality device which seamlessly merges virtual content with the real world for the first time ever. Now available for purchase for business use.

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Welcome to absolute immersion.

For XR-1 Developer Edition users, reprogramming reality just got effortless. New features, including real-time chroma keying and object tracking with visual markers, are now available in early access. Read how Varjo delivers absolute immersion for professional mixed reality with our latest software update.


VR-2 Pro

Introducing the world’s most professional VR device in every sense, with human-eye resolution, integrated 20/20 Eye Tracker, Ultraleap hand tracking, and support for hundreds of applications, including SteamVR content.

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The next level of industrial VR starts with Varjo VR-2, featuring human-eye resolution, integrated 20/20 Eye Tracker and support for hundreds of 3D applications including SteamVR content.

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Made for professionals.

The ability to move complex training, creative and research tasks into a true-to-life immersive environment creates endless new possibilities and saves time, money and effort along the way. Read why Varjo is the best partner for professionals working in the most demanding industries.

Training & Simulation

Moving training from large physical simulators to virtual reality saves time, enhances training, and can save as much as 90% in costs.

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Design & Engineering

Design real-world objects in a completely realistic VR/XR environment, speed up design reviews, and test and alter your work before it’s built.

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Research & Medical

Run academic, clinical and commercial research in true-to-life VR/XR environments that would be too expensive, impractical or impossible to recreate in the real world.

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See why the best in the business are already partnering with Varjo.

From the very beginning we’ve built our products for visionaries in some of the world’s most demanding industries. Here’s what they have to say about us.

“To design in virtual reality, we need the high resolution of the Varjo device.”

Jan Pflueger, Coordination of VR/AR Technology at Audi
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“The cost of a VR simulator is 1/10th of the cost a physical simulator. And with Varjo, the visual fidelity is finally on a level that it should be.”

Joakim Bergroth, Human Factor Engineer at Fortum eSite
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“The more realistic you can get, the more effective you are.”

Mohsen Rezayat, Chief Solutions Architect, Siemens PLM
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“Varjo is providing the only solution to good quality mixed reality training.”

Otakar Nieder, Senior Director of Development at Bohemia Interactive Simulations
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“In immersive training, there’s been a barrier in headset resolution. And Varjo XR-1 has broken through that barrier.”

Bob Vaughn, Product Manager at FlightSafety
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“With Varjo's technology, we are able to do things in a day that would normally take weeks or longer.”

Casper Wickman, Technical Leader at Volvo Cars
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“With VR headsets such as Varjo, we are talking savings potentially in the tens of millions of dollars.”

Chris Ryan, Managing Director at Ryan Aerospace
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