Cinematic XR is
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This test footage was shot through Varjo’s early Mixed Reality prototype in real time – merging real and virtual worlds in cinematic XR for the first time ever.

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The world’s most

We think that technology that’s hurtling the world into the future has to be future-proof. That’s why our first professional VR device, launching later this year, will be upgradeable. In 2019, owners of Varjo’s device will be able to upgrade with a Mixed Reality Add-on that delivers true cinematic-quality XR for the first time ever.

This is the next step on the road to a new immersive computing - where you can no longer tell what’s real and what’s virtual.

A new kind of

Today we’re revolutionizing reality with technology that lets you see VR in human-eye resolution. That’s the first step on the road to a completely new kind of computing - where VR and XR become a natural extension of the real world.

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Bionic Display™

The resolution of VR devices on the market today is 1/100 of what the average human eye can see. The industry was around 20 years away from solving this problem. We didn’t think the world should have to wait that long.

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We’re partnering with the world’s most recognized brands to bring a Resolution Revolution™ to professional markets. Will you be one of them?

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