Develop for the VR-1

These pages introduce you to the different tools and engines you can use for development on the Varjo VR-1.  

You can develop experiences for the Varjo VR-1 using the familiar 3D tools you use today that enable immersive experiences. Now they are just adapted to work with the Varjo VR-1 and human-eye resolution. 

Some of the features that allow creating great immersion using the Varjo VR-1: 

  • Humaneye resolution allows the user to see details never before possible in VR. Our patented Bionic Display™ system has no screen door effect and it shows you an image as clear and as real as in the real world. 
  • VR-1 comes with built-in eye tracking. You can use eye tracking for your application – for example for analytics data collection or during a training scenario to see where the user has been looking. For more information, read Eye tracking with Varjo VR-1. 
  • You can develop your application with realistic hand presence – any tracking devices using SteamVR™ tracking technology are supported. That includes for example the Vive Wands, Knuckles, and Vive Trackers.  
  • Varjo VR-1 has six degrees of freedom, allowing users to physically move around in virtual reality – seated or standing.  

You can choose to develop for one of these platforms (more coming in the future):