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Hittnau, Switzerland

Tailormade Professional Simulation and Training Solutions.


ELSA Japan

Tokyo, Japan

私たちエルザ ジャパンは、近年益々重要性を増しているビッグデータ解析やVR、AI、ディープラーニング分野においての更なるGPU活用促進から、マーケティングやエンターテイメント分野におけるバーチャルエクスペリエンス、製造業におけるデジタルツインの実現、BIMデータと連携した大規模建築データのビジュアル化などにおいて、今後お客様へ最適なGPU関連商品とサポートを提供するべく、世界各国のデバイスベンダーやISV、コンピューター・メーカー各社との技術提携を積極的に行っております。

エルザ ジャパンは世界にあまたある優れた製品を日本のお客様にご紹介し喜んでご利用頂ける様、質の高い製品と万全のサポート体制をこれからも提供して参ります。

GC Micro

Petaluma, California

GC Micro is a current SEWP contract holder (contract # NNG15SC75B).


Bordeaux, France

Expert européen de la réalité virtuelle, la réalité augmentée, et des solutions collaboratives pour l’industrie et la recherche.


Leonberg, Germany

We advise, design, and implement your ideas for smart 2D/3D/mixed reality working landscapes.

ITI Systems

Beltsville, Maryland

We are an AV systems integration company that prides itself on reliability. We have provided complex solutions for Fortune 500 firms, federal agencies, high-traffic financial institutions, and elite universities.

Mace Virtual Labs

Houston, Texas

We are the authoritative VR and AR experts, we curate the breadth and depth of immersive technology to provide turnkey commercial solutions for customers in training, government, research, medical, and entertainment.

Rave Computer

Sterling Heights, Michigan

RAVE Computer specializes in computer integration, multi-vendor integration, embedded & OEM, training, virtualization, federal intelligence and more.

Schenker Technologies

Leipzig, Germany

Schenker Technologies is a supplier and distributor of IT hardware and accessories as well as AR and VR products.


London, United Kingdom

SystemActive (a division of Jarvis Tech) is an award-winning IT Solutions provider offering outstanding value & service on immersives devices, laptops, desktops, workstations and more from market leading vendors since 1998.

A.S.N. Inc.

Montreal, Canada

A.S.N. Inc. is a Quebec family business based in downtown Montreal. A.S.N. offers a range of hardware and software products and services, including immersive hardware.

Azken Muga

Madrid, Spain

Azken Muga is a leader in advanced computing solutions and professional graphics visualization, a specialist in graphic stations, HPC, VDI and cloud computers, render and parallel computing servers. Since its foundation in 1996, Azken Muga has been offering the best hardware solutions for the professional sectors of design, engineering, digital content creation, advanced visualization, and simulation, until it has become a benchmark company in the professional market nationwide.

“Varjo is providing the only solution to good quality mixed reality training.” – Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Bohemia Interactive Australia

Bohemia Interactive Australia

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) uses the latest technology and a large, experienced in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defense applications.

Channel XR

Cleveland, Ohio

CHANNEL XR is the premier procurement and solution integration team for Extended Reality in the Industrial Enterprise, STEM Education, Healthcare, Corporate Innovation, R&D and Immersive Entertainment. We provide high end VR/AR headsets, workstation grade high performance computing, content creation and 3D workflow software and robotics.



Creativex Consulting provides products and services in the training and simulation industry.

CT Ingenieros

Madrid and Seville, Spain

CT Engineering Group is a leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the entire product life cycle:  from product design engineering and manufacturing to post-sales support engineering. In addition to CT Engineering Group’s strong engineering and product design and development expertise, they have a special division developing and offering immersive products and services including Varjo’s virtual and mixed reality headsets. Customers can experience Varjo’s headsets in CT Engineering Group’s offices in Madrid and Seville.

"The cost of a VR simulator is 1/10th of the cost a physical simulator. And with Varjo, the visual fidelity is finally on a level that it should be." – Fortum

Fortum eSite

Helsinki, Finland

eSite is an industrial Virtual Reality (VR) solution provider dedicated to improve the ways people work around plants, factories, and construction sites.

FoxGuard Solutions

Christiansburg, Virginia

FoxGuard serves as a solution provider for mission-critical applications in critical infrastructure markets.

Gaze Intelligence

Paris, France

Solutions for behavioral studies, psychology and multimodal research.


Copenhagen, Denmark & Boston, Massachusetts, USA

iMotions provides Varjo hardware along with its software platform that integrates and synchronizes multiple biometric sensors that provide different human insight such as Eye Tracking and EDA/GSR.


Seoul, South Korea

Innosimulation has been serving cutting-edge simulation technologies in the automotive, railway, heavy equipment, and defense market for more than 20 years.

LBX Immersive

Mare Island, California

LBXImmersive is a provider of VR/AR and Spatial Computing Solutions to University and Enterprise Clients.



Lenovo’s professional workstations and Varjo’s VR and XR headsets are specifically engineered to perform in the most sophisticated and demanding enterprise use cases. Purchase “Certified for Varjo” workstations along with any device available in Varjo’s portfolio via Lenovo’s distribution channels.

Linkage Design

Royal Oak, Michigan

Linkage Design is one of the leading providers of design resources, design solutions & training, with an emphasis on providing these design services by utilizing advanced digital design tools like; AutoDesk Alias Surface & Automotive, ICEM Surf, Photoshop, Maya and others.

MAK Technologies

Cambridge, Massachusetts

MAK Technologies is a global leader in modeling and simulation software that links, simulates, and visualizes virtual worlds in networked synthetic environments.  MAK Technologies provides Varjo hardware along with its software solutions.

More srl

San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

Provider of Extended Reality solutions in Italy.


Henån, Sweden

NANCO is a major solution and service provider in Scandinavia’s industrial design and entertainment industry. We specialize in realtime visualization, photorealistic rendering, CAD, and architecture engineering constructions. NANCO acts as Integrator/Value Added Reseller to market-leading high-technology suppliers.


Tokyo, Japan


Silverdraft Supercomputing

Boise, Idaho and Hollywood, California

Silverdraft focuses on the use of unique supercomputing architecture to address the significant computational and processing needs of high-end rendering, VR, visual effects, and visualization.

ST Engineering


ST Engineering is global technology, defence and engineering group specialising in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors.

ST Engineering Antycip

UK, France, Italy

ST Engineering Antycip is European leader in Virtual Reality, Simulation, Visual Displays & Engineering services.

Storm FX

Sydney, Australia

STORM FX is one of the leading providers of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

For over 27 years STORM FX has combined world-class software, hardware, consulting, and technical services to help customers optimize their IT infrastructures, create industry-leading projects and achieve their business goals.


Coventry, United Kingdom

Symetri has 20 years of VR experience and can supply everything you need to get started visualising your products and designs. Our long experience gives us an edge in choosing the correct hardware and software to maximise the use of Virtual Reality.

Synergy Integration

Tel Aviv, Israel

Synergy Integration is an IT Solutions & Managed Services Provider, and they have been leading the COTS –“Commercial Off The Shelf” products sales for the simulation market in Israel.

Synergy Simulation and Training

Sofia, Bulgaria

SYNERGY S&T delivers high quality COTS Simulation, Training and Visualization products, solutions and services for land, air, sea, space and cyber domains. We virtualize the reality into dynamic synthetic environments for smart training, experimentation, strategic planning, mission rehearsal, tactical and urban operations.


Nijmegen, Netherlands

Supplier of VR and MR hardware and services in Benelux.

VR Expert

Utrecht, Netherlands

Business VR / AR hardware supplier in Benelux.


St. Catharines, ON, Canada

XpertVR creates VR/AR simulations that provide unique, innovative solutions for our clients.

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