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Fitting the headset

This page includes tips to help you find a comfortable fit while wearing your XR-4.

Putting on the headset

Changing the face cushion


Putting on the headset

Seeing content in the highest visual quality requires that the headset is precisely positioned over your eyes. Optimal positioning is different for every individual as it depends on the shape of your head and eyes.

  1. Quick release button
  2. Back adjustment wheel
  3. Top adjustment wheel
  4. Field-of-view adjustment
1. Before you put on the headset, loosen both the back and top adjustments.
2. Tighten the headband with the back adjustment wheel.
3. Adjust the top adjustment to hold the headset in place.

The headset is correctly adjusted when it sits comfortably on your head and the image inside the headset is sharp.

4. Adjust the space between your eyes and the lenses with the field-of-view adjustment button.

Keep the button pressed and move the device body closer or further away for optimal viewing distance.


Changing the face cushion

The face cushion is attached to the headset body with hook-and-loop strips and can be easily changed.


1. Remove the face cushion. Make sure not to grab the cushion frame as this is attached with glue.
2. Attach a new cushion. Make sure to align the center and both sides so that the cushion covers the hook-and-loop strips entirely.

Note: Face cushions used with other Varjo headset models are not compatible with XR-4. You can purchase additional cushions from Varjo.