Varjo Workspace

Varjo Workspace lets you use Windows application while wearing the headset, bridging the gap between your familiar software tools and the virtual environment.

This feature is available for XR-1 Developer Edition.


Switching between Varjo Workspace and virtual applications

There two ways to switch between Workspace and your virtual application.

  1. Using a shortcut: Designate a shortcut key or mouse button in Varjo Base under the Workspace tab and Virtual desktop shortcut. The following keys cannot be used as shortcuts: Esc, Windows, and Enter; left, middle, and right mouse buttons.
  2. Via System settings: Press the System button on your headset and select the link to your active application or Workspace.



Virtual desktop

One or more virtual displays can be set up in Varjo Workspace. You can use controllers to point and click in Windows applications on your virtual desktop, or use a regular keyboard and mouse.

Virtual desktop can be customized on the Workspace tab either in Varjo Base or in System settings.

Application background Displays the active 3D application as the background of your virtual desktop.
Virtual background Change the background scene of your virtual desktop.
Controller Use your VR controller in Workspace.
Display set-up Adjust the layout, size, and position of your virtual desktop.
Reset the display set-up Resets the layout, size, and position of virtual displays to default.



Show keyboard and mouse

Your regular keyboard and mouse can be used in desktop applications in Varjo Workspace.

Enable Show keyboard and mouse on the Workspace tab in Varjo Base or System settings, and simply look down to see your hands and peripherals through a mixed-reality window.