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Need to find a VR/AR/XR content studio partner to work on your immersive project using Varjo products and services? Below you can find a list of partners that our customers have successfully worked with in the past. These studio partners deserve our recommendation for working with Varjo’s highest-end technology.

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900lbs of Creative

industrial-design research training-simulation
Texas, USA

900lbs focus on Experience Design, Prototyping/Proof of Concepts, VR/AR/MR, Software Development, Content Management Systems, and Technical Production, to showcase the art of the possible and make it a reality.


London, New York

Aircards is a cutting-edge XR production studio dedicated to pushing the boundaries of immersive storytelling. They’ve created award winning campaigns for a mix of global brands, agencies and partners.

AMRO Systems

Amro Systems

gaming industrial-design research training-simulation
Maime, USA

AMRO Systems designs ultrarealistic immersive spaces that let people meet from virtually everywhere, AMRO Systems also design custom AR/VR solutions to meet your unique project needs.
Clients approach Amro Systems seeking game co-design/co-development services and innovative solutions to their web3 & metaverse needs, and XR research projects.

Breach VR

Trondheim, Norway

At Breach VR, we’re driven by a passion to push the boundaries of immersive technologies, with a mission to Build Better Realities. Through our research and development, we create innovative services and products that bring the power of VR, AR, MR, and XR to life. Whether you seek cutting-edge solutions or simply want to explore the exciting possibilities of immersive experiences, we are here for you.

Brightline Interactive

Brightline Interactive

gaming product-design training-simulation
Virginia, USA

Brightline is a team of creative technologists who design, build, and install interactive and virtual reality experiences at events, permanent display areas, and simulation environments. Experiences includes AR, VR, Brand Fan Engagement, Creative Consulting, Custom Technology, Simulation & Training, And University Installations.

Digital Design STUDIO Ltd.

automotive industrial-design
Tokyo, japan
DDSTUDIO has a complete production system including; planning, shooting, CG,VFX, and editing. We have high-end products for all production applications, and will handle a wide range of exhibition videos, commercials and also develop and produce design process innovation with MR / VR using device Varjo.
In-house production is necessary to maintain a high-level of confidentiality.
Please utilize the planning and production capabilities of DDSTUDIO.


Florida, USA

DigitalCM develops state of the art solutions, assisting customers with today’s technical challenges, with serives for VR, Modeling and Simulation, 3D Mapping, Software Development, Kit Preperations, eLearning Development, Visualization Tools, and CBT Development.

Elm Park labs

Elm Park Labs

industrial-design product-design research training-simulation
Michigan, USA

Elm Park Labs deliver best-in-class immersive experiences that transform the way people learn, work and interact. Elm Park Labs brings a unique blend of front-end visual graphic and back-end coding that is uncommon in the industry, 100% focused and dedicated to building extended reality applications and environments that have a real business impact.

ForgeFX Simulations

ForgeFX Simulations

aec industrial-design research training-simulation
California, USA

ForgeFX develops high-quality custom interactive 3D simulation and visualization software products for clients across a wide array of industries. ForgeFXs training products is employed by industries including national defense, healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, mining, construction, and transportation, produce measurable improvements in trainee engagement and knowledge retention.

Fresco Design

Fresco Design

industrial-design product-design research training-simulation
Massachusetts, USA

Fresco Design is an end-to-end design studio merging industrial design, digital experience & advanced visualization. Fresco Design provides services including design strategy, front-end innovation, product idea-generation, conceptual design, industrial design, AR/VR experiences, UX/UI, computational design, advanced CAD surfacing for manufacturing, 3D visualization, modelmaking, and 3D strategy.

Glimpse Group

gaming research training-simulation
New York, USA

The Glimpse Group is a Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Platform Company Comprised of Multiple Software & Services Subsidiaries Creating Innovative VR/AR Solutions (products, software, and consulting services)

Goodbye Kansas

gaming training-simulation
Stockholm, sweden

Goodbye Kansas offer our customers their most treasured visual experience by converging cutting-edge technology with world-class artistry.



aec industrial-design training-simulation
Michigan, USA

Expertise in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (XR) and user interface (UI) / user experience (UX) design is combined with decades of automotive experience – an ideal resume to address the challenges of the new mobility landscape.

Kaleidoscope XR

Calgary, Canada.

Kaleidoscope XR focuses on design thinking to develop best-in-class custom immersive solutions through Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Linkage Design

Royal Oak, Michigan

Linkage Design is one of the leading providers of design resources, design solutions & training, with an emphasis on providing these design services by utilizing advanced digital design tools like; AutoDesk Alias Surface & Automotive, ICEM Surf, Photoshop, Maya and others.


industrial-design product-design training-simulation
Suresnes, France.

Expert in 3D technologies (VR/AR/MR), LS GROUP (formerly, Light And Shadows) builds interactive and immersive applications, devices and experiences to meet digital transformation challenges, whether they are marketing or industry related.


industrial-design research training-simulation
München, Germany.

MaibornWolff is inspiring customers of all industries in IT consulting, software engineering and test management for more than 30 years.
The cross functional teams take responsibility for projects covering all aspects of the modern IT landscape from XR, game engines and mobile to agile methods or cloud-native solutions.


gaming industrial-design training-simulation
Oulu, Finland

Customized digital applications, AR and VR solutions, gamification, and full-stack marketing services, all in the same place.


industrial-design product-design training-simulation
Bordeaux, France

Myxed delivers high-end Mixed Reality custom-made solutions for the industry in Europe, benefiting from extensive experience with Varjo headsets.
We augment data, decisions, and business processes by helping them adopt and integrate Mixed Reality into their existing processes. Myxed transforms businesses by covering use cases such as training, quality control, remote expertise, product review, data visualization, and digital twin.



industrial-design product-design research training-simulation
Florida, USA

Notiontheory design AR, VR, and 3D solutions that connect with people, transform outcomes, and perform at scale.
Rapid Prototyping, Product Development, Wearables, Hardware Prototyping, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Web VR, Augmented Reality.



medical research training-simulation
New York, USA

PIXACORE’s team of production, postproduction, 3D animators, and in-house engineers continues to break new ground with AR and VR applications that promote cutting-edge treatments, educate, and create memorable events that resonate with target audiences.



aec medical
Cleveland, USA

RazorEdge creates 3D spaces, characters, avatars, simulations and more that engage visual, auditory and tactile senses and shift perception. Each customized VR/AR solution is designed to be environmentally and contextually relevant to achieve your goals.


Silverback Interactive

aec gaming industrial-design training-simulation
Halifax, Canada

Silverback’s team brings decades of combined expertise in game design, onboarding, architecture, visual arts, gamification, 3D modeling, animation, and design of immersive virtual reality solutions for Training, Tourism, Architecture, and Entertainment to create unforgettable virtual experiences,


gaming product-design
Helsinki, Finland

Stereoscape is a one stop shop with strong expertise in virtual technologies offering a wide range of scalable solutions across the value chain on a variety of tech platforms. Stereoscape’s services are great value for money as they enable people to experience information differently in entirely new, wonderful and engaging ways


New York, USA

Younite-AI is a creative technology partner, focused on creating data infused, and AI driven, 3D/VR/AR intelligent tools built on Metaverse technology. The Younite-AI team is driven by creating tangible value to businesses through the tools we create and consists of passionate and creative designers, developers, and 3D experts, leveraging, and creating, the latest technology to deliver the best quality results.

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