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Varjo provides the world's most advanced XR and VR software and services so your business can succeed and perform better with our devices. Most advanced virtual and mixed reality solutions for professionals

Varjo Subscriptions for XR-3 and VR-3 – Most advanced software and premium business services.

Varjo is committed to providing the most advanced XR/VR software and services so your business can succeed and perform better. Varjo Subscription is your organization’s key to benefit from the continuous software improvements and business services for XR-3 and VR-3.

Access the most advanced XR/VR with Varjo Subscription.

To use Varjo VR-3 and XR-3 headsets and software, you need an accompanying Varjo Subscription – your continuous license for Varjo software and business services. Through the Varjo Subscription, you get access to Varjo’s proprietary XR/VR software which continuously unlocks new capabilities for our human-eye resolution headsets. You also get access to our premium business support.

Benefits of Varjo Subscription

Always improving and evolving headset.

  • Continuous XR/VR software updates and 3D engine support. New features for Varjo headsets, updates and performance improvements, including industry-leading developer support and tooling.
  • Commercial Software Licenses. Commercial licenses for Varjo’s integrated eye tracking and Ultraleap Gemini hand tracking, covering all professional use cases.
  • Varjo Account portal. Access to our online customer portal to flexibly manage, buy and interact with Varjo services.
  • Business Support. World-class business and technical support to enable your company’s XR/VR success, with a one business day response time.

Manage your Varjo subscriptions flexibly.

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Varjo Account is your identity to manage, acquire and interact with Varjo products and services. In our new Varjo Account Portal, you can purchase different type, length and seat configured subscriptions that can be assigned to individual users of Varjo products.

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Varjo Subscription operates on a seat-based model, so each user or installation of Varjo XR-3 or VR-3 requires a valid subscription seat to be assigned. If you operate a single headset on a single PC, then only one subscription is needed. Subscriptions can easily be managed from your Varjo account.

  • Purchase a Varjo headset & Varjo Subscription
  • Create a Varjo Account in our portal and assign your subscriptions
  • Manage your company’s headsets & subscriptions conveniently and flexibly

To assign your Varjo Subscription and start using the Varjo devices, you need to create a Varjo Account in our new, dedicated customer portal.

Operating in a high-security environment?

If your company is using XR or VR in a high-security environment without access to the internet, Varjo offers an offline version of both the XR and the VR Subscriptions through Varjo sales, our resellers and integrators. Please contact our Varjo sales experts for more information.

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Varjo VR-3 Headset

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Advanced XR and VR software to complement your use case.

Varjo Subscription unlocks constantly updated new software features and premium business support.

Varjo Base

Get things done more efficiently.

Varjo Base is the companion software needed to run and manage the Varjo headset on your PC. Varjo Base allows you to get things done more efficiently, with powerful features in areas like first-time guidance, presenting to others, running diagnostics, utilizing eye tracking, and optimizing performance. We continuously introduce new features and improvements based on customer feedback.

Varjo Workspace

Bring mouse, keyboard and 2D applications into mixed reality.

Varjo Workspace is a dimensional interface that bridges the 2D user experience of current computers and the 3D world. Instead of having to switch devices as you work with 2D and 3D applications like uUnity, you can see 3D designs and applications come to life around you in real time. You can take your mouse and keyboard with you into XR/VR and work with an infinite amount of monitors.

Broad compatibility

Make the most out of the software you already use.

Our unmatched visual fidelity supercharges hundreds of professional 3D applications, allowing you to capture entirely new market opportunities and do things that have never been possible before. We are compatible with the most popular 3D software like Unity, Unreal Engine, Autodesk VRED and PREPARE3D, OpenVR, and OpenXR 1.0.

Get premium support when you need it.

Varjo Subscription includes access to dedicated Varjo in-house technical support including the following services:

  • Access to detailed product & developer documentation
  • Easy to contact Varjo Customer Support, with replies within one business day
  • Possibility for local technical support through our dedicated Varjo support partner network​
  • Regular hints & tips to enhance the use of Varjo products
  • Continuous development of the products & services based on customer feedback