Care and maintenance

This page includes tips for the care and maintenance of your headset.

What’s in the box

Included in the box are your headset and all the essentials listed below.

VR-2 Pro, VR-2, or VR-1 headset XR-1 Developer Edition headset
Link Box
Link Box power supply unit
Connector cables:
1 x USB-C
1 x USB-A
2 x DisplayPort-DisplayPort
2 x DisplayPort-Mini DisplayPort ** not included with the VR-1
3 power cables:
Euro plug
UK plug
US plug
Standard fabric face cushion
Large polyurethane face cushion
Cleaning cloth



Handling and care

Please be aware that your Varjo headset is a high-precision optical instrument. Handle your headset with care. Do not drop or throw the headset as it could damage the optical elements.

Lenses and optics play a key part in creating a crystal-clear virtual reality experience. Be careful not to scratch the lenses when you use, store, or move your headset.


When using the headset with eyeglasses, ensure that the eyeglasses do not touch or scratch the headset lenses.

Always lift the headset by holding the headset body or the headband. Do not lift the headset by holding the mask, cables or the head strap.

Be careful not to scratch the lenses or the front plate while changing the mask, face cushion, or headband.

Protect the headset during transportation.



Operating environment

Your headset is intended to be used indoors only. Keep the headset in a clean and dust-free place. Do not use in humid environments.

When the headset is powered on and not in use, place it on a flat surface with the vents on the top of the headset facing up. Make sure not to cover the vents on the top and bottom of the headset.

Do not leave the headset in direct sunlight or strong ultraviolet light. Exposure to direct sunlight can damage the optics and the displays.

Do not place the headset near heat sources, hot areas, or extreme temperatures. Do not expose the headset to open flames or smoke.

Do not use the headset near water or liquid.

Do not use the headset after a dramatic change in temperature. When you move the headset between environments with very different temperatures and/or humidity ranges, condensation may form on or within the headset. Allow enough time for moisture to evaporate before using the product.



Cleaning your Varjo headset

Pay attention to personal hygiene when using the headset. Be mindful of others, especially when multiple persons are sharing a headset.

Remember to clean the headset thoroughly before and after using it.


Cleaning the headset

Unplug the headset from its power source before cleaning.

Clean the headset body with non-abrasive antibacterial wipes.

Do not use soap, harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, liquid cleansers, or aerosols. Do not use any liquids to clean the headset.


Cleaning the lenses

Clean the headset lenses gently with optical lens wipes or a microfiber lens cloth.

Do not use liquid or chemical cleansers to clean the lenses.


Cleaning the cushions

Fabric cushion: Dampen a clean, soft cloth with water (up to +40C / 104F) and gently wipe the area you want to clean. Air dry at room temperature. Don’t tumble dry, iron, or expose the cushion to direct sunlight. Do not scrub, wring, or bleach the cushion.

Polyurethane cushion: clean with non-abrasive antibacterial wipes.



Removing the headband


It is possible to remove the headband during transportation or storage of the headset.

1. Place the headset on a flat surface. Be careful not to scratch the front plate.
2. Tighten the headband by turning the adjustment wheel.
3. Open the head strap and pull it free from the front.
4. Remove the cables from the two holders located on the left side of the headset and back of the headband.
5. Using a coin, turn the locking mechanisms on both sides of the headband counterclockwise to unlock the headband from the headset.
6. Gently pull the headband apart to remove it.



Replacing the XR camera cable

XR-1 Developer Edition

If you need to replace the XR camera cable, please contact Varjo. Do not substitute with another type of cable.