Varjo makes the world's most advanced VR/XR hardware and software. We are on a mission to revolutionize immersive computing.

When we’re done, computers will look nothing like they do right now.

Varjo’s vision is clear: We’re revolutionizing reality. Up until now, advances in VR and XR have been an evolution. We think the time has come for a revolution.

Varjo is a VR/XR company on a mission to change computing for good.

Varjo was founded by a team of industry professionals with decades of experience and a vision of seamlessly merging the virtual and real worlds – first for professionals and ultimately for everyone.

Our skills and backgrounds are many. From opto-mechanical engineers, laser technicians and computer vision experts to UX designers, product innovators and brand creators, Varjo is a supergroup made up of people with the passion, skills and vision to do things most people think are impossible.

All of us at Varjo are on a mission to empower people to do things that are impossible today by merging virtual, augmented and traditional realities. When we’re done, computers will look nothing like they do right now.


We created Varjo to revolutionize what’s humanly possible with a new kind of immersive computing.



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Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Where we are now.

The resolution of VR devices has been just a fraction of what the average human eye can see. Now, for the first time ever, Varjo HMDs deliver an unprecedented resolution of 60 pixels per degree –  the equivalent of 20/20 vision.

True-to-life visual fidelity for virtual and mixed reality.

With Bionic Display™, your model, project or simulation comes to life in VR with never-before-seen clarity. Every detail, texture, and contour are all just as clear as they are in the real world. You can read the tiniest text, see objects far off in the distance and more – all in human-eye resolution.

Whether you’re working on complex training and simulation, an architectural or 3D design model, CAD files, or more, everything appears just as it should: clearly.


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Where we’ll be in the future.

Not too far down the road, we’ll change computing for good with hardware and software that will let you seamlessly merge virtual, mixed and traditional reality – all with the clarity of the human eye. This is the next step on the road to a new immersive computing - where you can no longer tell what’s real and what’s virtual.

Want to design the world’s best VR/XR tech?

The biggest thing holding computers back today isn’t speed, access or mobility. It’s how we interact with them. We want to help people do things that are impossible today by merging virtual and traditional reality. Want to join us?



Latest press releases

Latest press releases from Varjo Technologies.


Varjo Expands Worldwide Access to Industrial VR/XR with Launch of Sales in Key Markets in Asia Pacific and Israel

Direct shipping and growth of reseller program in Singapore, Israel, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand empowers more professional users...

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Varjo Delivers Absolute Immersion in Mixed Reality with Industry-first Chroma Key & Marker Tracking

Using the company’s latest software for its XR-1 Developer Edition device, professionals can now mix and match real-world elements with...

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Varjo Announces First-Ever Mixed Reality Dimensional Interface for Immersive Computing

‘Varjo Workspace’ Introduces a New Way of Using Computers by Integrating Desktop Applications Inside Immersive VR/XR Environments, Providing an ‘Infinite...

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Varjo’s XR-1 Developer Edition Now Available and Shipping

Industry-first photorealistic mixed reality headset allows professionals in engineering, design and simulation to blend the real world with the virtual...

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“Only our imagination is the limit.”

Tiina Nieminen - Head of Product Management, VARJO

Meet us and test Varjo's products

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AWE 2020

May 26 - May 29 - Online Everywhere

Join us at the AWE Online event where we will have a digital interactive booth! Come join us at the event for a live chat with our experts about all our latest releases and how we're enabling the enterprise VR/MR industry to continue innovating, testing and developing while working from home.


Jun 9 - London, UK

Varjo reseller SystemActive will be showcasing XR-1 at the NXT BLD Live. For demo inquiries [email protected]

Image Society 2020

Jun 23 - Jun 24 - Dayton, Ohio, USA

Hosted at the Dayton Country Club in Dayton, OH.

XR Expo 2020

Jun 25 - Jun 26 - Stuttgart, Germany

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