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Professional-grade XR solutions. Optimized for enterprise.

Varjo replaces wasteful workflows with professional-grade XR solutions that offer unprecedented efficiency, cost savings, and seamless remote collaboration. From industry-leading headsets and software to dedicated support, we provide an end-to-end ecosystem for implementing XR at scale.

Best-in-class hardware

Varjo headsets are the most advanced in the industry; power tools designed for delivering superlative immersion in the most demanding professional use cases. Raising the bar for VR and XR, Varjo headsets are built with a no-compromise approach to visual fidelity and integrated functionality.

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End-to-end software ecosystem

Through powerful features to augment your XR experience, Varjo Base helps you get the most out of each headset with continuous improvements. To distribute and maintain virtual experiences across the enterprise, Varjo Reality Cloud helps you deploy XR collaboration at scale.

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Experience from thousands of XR projects

From years of working with the most advanced XR use cases, Varjo’s support and solutions teams know what’s needed to succeed. While excellent support is included with each purchase, Varjo offers premium service packages for those looking to get the most out of our experts.

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Make the most out of the software you already use

With hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations to enterprise XR software, Varjo solutions are broadly compatible with the most common applications out there. In addition, any software is easily ported into Varjo via OpenXR or Varjo native SDK.

Ready for maximum performance

Varjo headsets are tethered devices that are compatible with a broad range of Windows 10 and 11 computers, ensuring you get access to upgradeable computing power for maximum performance.

Used by VR content studios worldwide

Can’t build everything in-house? Varjo has partnered up with design studios worldwide to ensure the best possible experiences with our XR solutions.

Local expertise in 35 countries

Varjo works with expert partners in 35 countries who are certified to sell and support our industry-leading XR solutions, ensuring a seamless experience locally.

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We’ve delivered XR solutions to over 1,500 enterprise customers, all with unique needs and circumstances. Speak with our sales experts to come up with the ideal solution to meet your requirements.

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