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Enterprise VR

A team of technical experts at your service.

Whether you’re far along in your enterprise VR journey or just getting started, Varjo’s world-class business and technical support ensure you get the most out of your headsets and use them successfully to supercharge your XR solutions.

Available with each headset purchase

World-class support for every stage of the XR journey.

  • Customer support. Get in touch with our in-house technical support team with any issue, and we’ll tackle it in full with our years of XR expertise.
  • User guides and troubleshooting instructions. Get access to detailed instructions on how to get started, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of your headset or solve common issues.
  • Product and developer documentation. See all the details needed to incorporate headsets into your own enterprise VR and XR solution or develop with Varjo.
  • Continuous development. We’re continuously delivering improvements to Varjo products and services based on the feedback from our customers.
Sold separately at 2490 €/$

Enterprise Pro package. For support needs of all sizes.

For enterprise customers in need of more hands-on support or enterprise-compliant data practices, we offer the Enterprise Pro package:

  • Device shipment priority
  • Device onboarding from a Varjo specialist
  • Guaranteed support response times in one business day
  • Access to upgraded troubleshooting options through Varjo Support
  • Ability to use the device offline*

*Offline use results in no device data being collected or transmitted to Varjo. Enterprise Pro users may still log in, resulting in Varjo’s standard online data collection practices. For further details on Varjo data collection, see our Privacy Policy.

XR-4 Secure Edition

Enterprise-level support for all high-security environments.

For our most security-conscious customers, the enhanced service offering of the Enterprise Pro package is included with each purchase of the XR-4 Secure Edition.

For further details on the headset’s security practices, visit the XR-4 Secure Edition product page.

Reach your XR goals with Varjo.

Reach out to our expert team to discuss your challenges and find the right XR solution for you.