Getting started

Congratulations on your purchase of the Varjo VR-1!

This page helps you get started with your new headset. We’ll guide you through installing the Varjo software and setting up your headset.

1. Check the System requirements 2. Download the Varjo software 3. Follow the Setup steps



System requirements

The Varjo headset runs with a Windows 10 desktop computer or a laptop. Ensure that your system meets the listed requirements.

1. Check your Windows PC

These are the key system requirements for the Varjo headset and related software:

Component Recommended Minimum
Processor Intel Core i7-8700

AMD Ryzen 7 2700

Intel Core i7-6700

AMD FX™ 9590

GPU * NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 2080

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000

NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1080

NVIDIA Quadro P6000

RAM 32 GB 16 GB
Storage space 2 GB
Video output 2 x DisplayPort 1.2
USB port 1 x USB-A 3.0
Operating system Windows 10 (64-bit)

* Note: AMD GPUs are not currently supported by the Varjo VR-1.


There are a few items that are not provided in the Varjo VR-1 box. These will need to be purchased separately:

  • SteamVR™ base stations 1.0 or 2.0
  • SteamVR™-compatible controllers (optional)
  • Headphones for audio (optional)


2. Check your software

These are the required software versions for the Varjo headset.

Varjo Base Windows 10 Nvidia GPU driver SteamVR
v1.3.0 1809 430.39 1.3.20


Verify Windows 10 version

Check the Windows 10 version on your PC. Other versions may work, but cannot be guaranteed.


Update your graphics card driver

Check the version of your NVIDIA graphics card driver and download a new one from NVIDIA, if needed.


Install Steam and SteamVR

  1. Download and install the Steam desktop application.
  2. Create a Steam account.
  3. Download and install SteamVR.

The Varjo VR-1 uses SteamVR™ Tracking technology for the headset and controllers. Please note that Varjo VR-1 isn’t currently compatible with Steam VR™ content or the Steam VR™ store.


Download the Varjo software

Varjo Base

Varjo Base contains the needed functionality and settings for using your headset with a Windows PC.

Download the software now.


Varjo Showcases

You can also download a set of Varjo Showcase apps that help you get to know and test your headset.


Setup steps

These steps guide you through setting up your computer and the physical environment for the Varjo headset.

1. Install Varjo Base

Varjo Base contains settings and functionalities for your headset.

  1. Download the Varjo Base software.
  2. Open the installation file on your computer.
  3. Follow the instructions in the installer.

2. Start Varjo Base

After the installation, Varjo Base will appear in the Windows Start menu and the notification area on your Windows task bar.

Start Varjo Base to continue the setup.


3. Connect the Varjo VR-1 headset

Connect the headset to your computer with the Link Box.

Choose the best option from the alternative connectivity options depending on the type of computer and what ports it has.

If your computer has both an integrated graphics card and a dedicated graphics card, make sure to use the ports on your dedicated graphics card.


4. Set up the base stations

Set up the SteamVR™ base stations in the room following these step-by-step instructions. You can use either SteamVR™ 1.0 or 2.0 base stations.


5. Track your headset

Varjo Base shows the status of your base stations. Check that your headset is visible to your base stations and that tracking is working.


If the headset is not tracking, make sure that the headset is in direct line of sight with the base stations, and that the sensors on the front plate of the headset are not covered.

Tip: SteamVR™ tracking elements are placed behind the front plate of your headset. Make sure that the base stations are pointing towards the headset’s front plate in all positions, also when you move or turn around in the room. The minimum recommended distance between the base stations and the headset is 1.5 meters. If possible, cover all reflective surfaces in the base stations’ field of view. Please be aware that reflective surfaces may interfere with tracking.


6. Optional: Connect your controllers

If you don’t need controllers for your VR experience, skip this phase.

You can set your existing controllers to work with the Varjo VR-1. You can use any SteamVR™-compatible controller, such as the HTC Vive controller.

Note: If you have paired your controllers with another VR headset, they will need to be paired again with the Varjo headset.

  1. Switch on your controllers.
  2. Open Varjo Base and go to the Headset page. In the Controllers section, select the + symbol and then select Launch SteamVR. The SteamVR status window opens.
  3. In the SteamVR application menu, select Devices > Pair Controller.
  4. Follow the instructions in SteamVR to pair your first controller. Repeat the steps to pair another controller.
  5. After you have finished the setup in SteamVR, completely shut down SteamVR.
  6. Return to Varjo Base and select Restart Varjo System. Make sure that the SteamVR application is not running at this point.


After you have paired your controllers, Varjo Base shows the status of each controller.


7. Set up room

  1. Open Varjo Base and go to the Headset page. In the section Room Setup with SteamVR, select Launch SteamVR. The SteamVR status window opens.
  2. In the SteamVR application menu, select Room Setup.
  3. Follow the instructions in SteamVR.
  4. After you have finished the Room setup in SteamVR, completely shut down SteamVR.
  5. Return to Varjo Base and select Restart Varjo System. Make sure that the SteamVR status window is not running at this point.



That is the end of setup for Varjo Base. The remaining steps will help you test that your headset works correctly.


8. Optional: Connect your headphones



If your VR experiences include sounds or voice input, you can plug your headphones into the headset. Headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack are compatible with the Varjo VR-1.

Remember to check that you have selected the correct sound output and input source from the settings on your Windows computer.


9. Test your headset with Varjo Showcases

The quickest way to test your headset is to download Varjo Showcases, a set of VR experiences designed to demonstrate the graphical capabilities of the Varjo headset.

Save the showcase apps to your computer and open an app to view it. The application opens directly in the headset.


10. Enjoy your headset

Your Varjo headset should now be up and running! Want to know more?