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Teleport by Varjo

Technology Preview

Scan, reconstruct, and explore real-world places in stunning detail. Share your 3D environment with anyone, anywhere.


JUNE 2024

Transform real places into virtual experiences

Teleport by Varjo is a service that allows anyone to effortlessly create photorealistic virtual recreations of real world locations, and share them to be explored in virtual reality.

Today we are inviting early access users to get hands on with the groundbreaking core technology of the upcoming service and experience the future of spatial content creation.

Capture a place with just an iPhone

Using just an intuitive iOS application, capture and upload a real world location, all without specialist equipment.

Scans are securely uploaded to the cloud where they undergo automated reconstruction utilising advanced machine learning, removing the need for manual processing or editing.

From single rooms to town squares, captures are transformed into stunning full scale digital twins featuring accurate lighting, shading, textures, details and reflections.

Explore it virtually and share

Explore your capture in your web browser, or step inside it at 1:1 scale with a VR headset (supporting Varjo headsets and other major PCVR headsets).

Captures, accessible from an online library,  enable full spatial movement, allowing users to move freely and naturally within a captured scene.

They can also be shared via a private link so friends and colleagues across the world can be invited to immerse themselves in your newly created Teleport experience.

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Hardware requirements


Scanning a place requires an iPhone 12 Pro or newer.

Viewing in VR requires a PC-Connected VR Headset.

You can view Teleport scans in your browser, on any PC or Mac.

Enter your details below to be among the first to experience the future of spatial scanning with Teleport. You’ll be able to start exploring captures from our gallery right away, and we’ll add you to our waitlist for access to the scanning app.

Explore Sample Teleport Captures


Ikonic Bikes Workshop

Bastian Altendorfer’s tool lined workshop is the home of Ikonic bikes, where custom motorcycles are crafted for passionate connoisseurs of two wheeled vehicles.

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Berlin’s RAW District

Once a train repair station, now the heart of Berlin’s nightclub scene, the graffiti covered Reichsbahn-Ausbesserungs-Werk area is vibrant, gritty and full of detail.

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