Premium support for Varjo customers

Get a response within one business day.

Our in-house support team is here to make sure you get the most value out of your headset. If you’re already a Varjo customer and you have a technical question or need guidance on best practices, we guarantee answers to your inquiries within one business day.

Before contacting us, we encourage you to go through Varjo user guidance materials, including FAQ and troubleshooting, where you’ll find answers to many common questions. If you can’t find the answer you need, please send us a support request either via the below form or your Varjo Customer Center account. Form is an easy and fast way to provide feedback or raise a generic inquiry to Varjo Support. For more detailed technical issues, we recommend using  Varjo account, as that way the conversation history will be stored in your account for future reference.


Customer Support form

Varjo  Customer Center account


Log in Sign up

Log in if you have an existing Varjo account. After logging in, navigate to the Support panel on the left-hand menu and choose ‘New Support Request’.

Sign up as a new customer. An account will be created for you when you submit your first support request.


Make sure to provide a detailed description of your issue

To make sure that our support team can troubleshoot and solve your issue as quickly and smoothly as possible, please follow these steps when creating a support request:

  • Describe the issue precisely
  • Include the exact error message(s)
  • Describe what you were doing when the issue occurred
  • Describe what you have done to troubleshoot the issue so far
  • Describe whether your device worked properly before the issue occurred
  • Provide a headset serial number
  • Send headset diagnostics through Varjo Base

If your support inquiry concerns a malfunction or other problem with your Varjo headset, please also send us a headset diagnostics report generated by the Varjo Base software when creating your support request. The report includes important information about your headset configuration and settings and it will help us to identify and solve your issue as quickly as possible.


How to generate and send your headset diagnostics report


Navigate to the Support page on Varjo Base and choose Collect Diagnostics. Your diagnostics files will be created and saved to your computer. All files will be saved in text format and you can review them before sending them to Varjo Support.

Your Varjo headset will never send diagnostics or any data from your computer without your consent.