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Installing Ultraleap Leap Motion Controller 2

The Ultraleap Leap Motion Controller 2 enables hand tracking for your XR-4 series headsets. It is available in Varjo Store.

Only use the cable and mounting hardware supplied with the sales box. We cannot guarantee full functionality when using other cables or mounting hardware.

Before you start, disconnect the headset from all other devices and make sure it is powered off.


Included with the Ultraleap hand tracking bundle:

  1. Leap Motion Controller 2
  2. Leap Motion Controller holder
  3. Mounting Base
  4. USB-C 3.0 data cable
  5. Spudger pick
  6. 9 cable clips
  7. 2x spare rubber feet
  8. T6 allen key
  9. 2x long T6 screws (+ 2x spare screws)
  10. 2x short T6 screws (+ 2x spare short screws)


Installing Leap Motion Controller 2


Step 1.

Remove the two rubber pads at the bottom of the headset with the spudger pick.

Note: The rubber pads are attached with an adhesive and may require some force to remove. Make sure not to scratch the headset when removing the rubber pads.

Step 2.

Remove the screws from the headset.

Note: Keep the screws in case you want to remove the mounting kit at some point.

Step 3.

Attach the custom mounting kit (Leap Motion Controller holder + Mounting Base) with two long screws (No. 9) included in the sales box.

Do not use the screws that were removed in step 2.

Step 4a.

Before attaching the Leap Motion Controller 2, make sure the USB-C port is facing down when the headset is upright.




Step 4b.

Attach the Leap Motion Controller 2 by pressing on the edges until it clicks into place. Make sure to support the mounting kit with your hand.

Step 5.

Attach the USB-C data cable so that the cable runs on the same side as headset cables.

Step 6a

Make sure the cable does not cover any sensors or cameras on the headset.





Step 6b.

Attach the first cable clip as shown in the image and hook the cable to the cable holder on the back of the headset.

You can use the remaining cable clips on the remaining length of the cables.


Removing the Leap Motion Controller holder from the mounting base

Step 1.

Push and hold down the release tab.

Step 2.

Slide the Leap Motion Controller holder away while holding the release tab.


Attaching the holder permanently to the mounting base


Step 1.

If you don’t want the holder to be removable from the mounting base, you can permanently attach the holder to the base with the 2 short screws (No. 10) included in the sales box.


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