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Cabling for XR-4

When you connect the headset to your computer for the first time, Windows will recognize the headset as a new USB device and install the appropriate drivers.

  1. Connect power to the headset adapter using the charging cable. Use the 60W port in the 3-port charger.
  2. Make sure the charging cable locks into place properly.
  3. Connect the headset adapter to the back of your computer. The status indicator light in the headset adapter turns green.
  4. Connect the headset’s data cable to the headset adapter. Make sure the cable locks into place properly.
  5. Connect the headset’s display cable to the graphics card of the computer.
  6. Power on the headset.
  7. We recommend charging the controllers before use. Connect the controllers to the 7.5W ports in the 3-port charger.

Please refer to the FAQ section if you are unable to connect the headset to your computer.