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Error messages

Varjo Base shows an error message

Varjo Base can detect several different error situations and always displays the recommended steps how to recover from the error. Please follow the instructions shown in Varjo Base.

You can view advanced technical details about the error in Varjo Base. This may be helpful if you need to connect Varjo Support about your issue. Go to the Headset page and click on the small arrow on the corner of the error message. The technical details will show up.

If your problem persists and you can’t get the headset working, please report your problem to Varjo Support.


SteamVR status window shows an error message

Due to certain shared resources between Varjo Base and the SteamVR application, the two software cannot be running at the same time. Make sure to keep the SteamVR status window closed when using the Varjo headset.

You can ignore the error messages displayed by the SteamVR application. Please check the system status and instructions in possible error situations from Varjo Base.


The headset LED light blinks differently than usual.

The System button has an LED light that indicates the different states of the headset.

LED is green The headset is working normally.
LED is white The headset is idle and the displays have been turned off. This happens when the headset has not been used for a determined period of time. When movement is detected, the headset is automatically activated and the LED turns green.
LED blinks white The device has a power cable connected, but other cables are not yet connected.

Make sure all the cables are connected properly (see instructions in the Getting Started guide).

Also ensure that Varjo Base is installed and running on your computer. Click on Varjo Base icon in the Windows Start menu to start the application.

LED turns white for a short period of time after connecting the headset. All cables are connected and Varjo system is initialising.
LED blinks red The headset does not work normally and no content is displayed. There can be several reasons for this. See details and instructions in Varjo Base for correcting the issue.
LED blinks green and red The headset has reported an error. Some of the functionality may be disabled or not working correctly. See details and instructions in Varjo Base for correcting the issue.
LED is blue, or blinks blue and white The headset firmware is updating. The LED is solid blue during connection to PC and starts blinking blue during the firmware update process.
LED blinks blue and red The headset cannot start. There can be several causes for blue and red blinking including firmware error or others. Check Varjo Base for instructions.

If no instructions are available, try reconnecting the headset. If the issue persists, contact Varjo Support.



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