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Refresh Rate

Refresh rate refers to the maximum number of fresh images a device can display in one second. The higher the rate is, the smoother the image feels.

In VR or XR headsets, a high refresh rate is key in creating a realistic immersive experience. If the refresh rate is low, the user can experience nausea, cyber sickness, and discomfort, as the virtual reality environment can look laggy and less realistic. A high enough rate, on the other hand, allows VR and XR users to be immersed in the virtual or mixed reality environment without discomfort or choppiness, especially when combined with other crucial features such as a high resolution, wide field of view, and high frame rate (of the VR or XR software application). When these features are on an optimal level, the user can fully focus on the immersive experience itself and forget about the technology.

In all Varjo VR and XR headsets, the refresh rate is 90 Hz, meaning that the image can be refreshed 90 times per second for the user.

Varjo XR-4 series mixed reality headsets

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