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IPD is short for inter-pupillary distance, the distance between your pupils or the centers of your eyes. The reason it matters is that this distance can vary from person to person, and incorrect IPD can cause issues such as cybersickness or not being able to achieve that maximum clarity and field of view in VR or XR headsets. Most headsets offer the option of adjusting to your own interpupillary distance, so that you can achieve this ideal image quality, tailored to your eyes.

All Varjo headsets feature automatic interpupillary distance adjustment (or “auto-IPD”).  This means that the device automatically tailors the IPD for different users without them having to adjust it manually. The headset will automatically move the lenses left or right to match the distance between the wearer’s eyes. This is a lot more reliable method of adjusting the distance and ensures that the VR/XR experience is optimal for each user. As an example, all Varjo XR-4 Series devices are able to adjust the IPD automatically between 56 and 72 mm.

In exceptional circumstances, for example when wearing varifocal lenses, the automatic adjustment may not result in the optimal position. If so, you can also set the IPD manually in Varjo Base.

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