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Positional Tracking

Positional tracking refers to a system in a VR/XR headset that determines its exact position. Tracking allows applications to synchronize your movements in the real world with those in the virtual environment, in real time.

Without proper tracking, if you try to lean or move your head’s position, it would not be tracked, and the entire virtual world would move with it, creating an unrealistic, bad virtual experience and causing cybersickness. Correct positional tracking of your headset is key to achieving a fully immersive experience.

There are multiple ways in which proper tracking can be executed. Varjo headsets achieve this in the following ways:

  • Varjo inside-out tracking uses the built-in cameras of your headset to scan the room and keep track of your head’s position. Varjo inside-out tracking is available for all Varjo XR-4 Series headsets.
  • SteamVR™ tracking uses up to four SteamVR™ base stations (or “lighthouses”) to track your headset and optional controllers. SteamVR™ tracking is available for Varjo headsets of older generations. In addition to that, Varjo XR-4 Series headsets are available in Steam variants on request which allows for the use of SteamVR™ base stations.
  • Third-party tracking methods, such as ART or OptiTrack, can be integrated with all Varjo headsets.

Varjo XR-4

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