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Base stations

Base stations, also known as ‘lighthouses’, track the exact location of your headset by sweeping the room using wireless pulses and laser lines. Full 360° coverage of your surroundings can usually be achieved with two base stations, enabling a fully immersive virtual reality experience, but you may require more depending on the size and accuracy of the desired coverage. When set up correctly, this positional tracking system enables you to move anywhere in your space and re-orient yourself in any position in a virtual or mixed reality environment. If you have a static VR/XR simulator setup with a seated, front-facing position, only one lighthouse may sometimes be enough.

When setting up your headset, installing the base stations correctly into your space is highly recommended. A wrong setup could lead to the following:  

  • Headset blackout 
  • Motion sickness 
  • Choppy visuals 
  • Incorrect positional tracking of the headset, leading to breaking the immersion


Please note that Varjo XR-4 Series headsets all have Varjo Controllers and Inside-Out Tracking as standard. For Varjo XR-4 Series, only Steam product variants work with base stations.

Older Varjo headsets work together with SteamVR™ base stations (1.0 or 2.0, which are recommended) manufactured by Valve. They can be purchased directly from the Varjo store.

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