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Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (MR/XR) combines the best aspects of both VR and AR. It is all about merging virtual content with the real world in an interactive, immersive way. In mixed reality, virtual objects appear as a natural part of the real world, occluding behind real objects. Real objects can also influence the shadows and lights of virtual contents. This natural interaction between real and virtual opens a whole new realm of solutions that would not be possible with virtual or augmented reality.

Mixed reality gives you the ability to see yourself and interact with your colleagues while, for example, designing a virtual object or environment. For XR to be valuable for professionals, it must be convincing – blending real and virtual content to the point that it’s impossible to tell where reality ends, and the virtual world begins. XR is best accomplished with video pass-through technology instead of optical see-through projections.

With video pass-through-based solutions, virtual objects can be black or opaque and appear as solid as anything in the real world. Colors are perfectly rendered, appear just as they should, and you can also add, omit, and adjust colors, shadows, and light in the virtual world and the real world.

All of this means that you need powerful computer hardware to run these experiences. However, recent advancements in technology have made it achievable with high-end consumer desktops. That way, any business now has the capacity to adopt mixed reality solutions, and the business impact can be astounding.

See other Varjo mixed reality demo examples on Vimeo.

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