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Using existing VR/XR content

There is a large amount of existing VR/XR content and software available. Depending on the visual quality and other parameters, different content and applications also have varying hardware requirements.

Varjo headsets have native support for a broad range of 3D software and applications. In addition, any software is easily ported into Varjo via OpenXR or Varjo native SDK. All Varjo headsets are fully compatible with OpenVR & SteamVR games, but running the application in OpenVR mode means that some Varjo-specific features might not be available – such as human-eye resolution, foveation (= a rendering process that decreases image quality in peripheral vision), and advanced mixed reality functions.

For more information about VR content compatibility, see the list of Varjo-ready software.

Visit our Varjo Developer Site to access detailed guides and documentation on developing for the Varjo headset or making your existing VR/XR content compatible with our VR and XR.

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Could not find an answer to your question regarding developing for Varjo’s VR/XR? You can send us a question via the developer support form on the Varjo developer site. We’ll get back to you soon.


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