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Extended Reality

Extended reality (XR) is an umbrella term that refers to all experiences combining reality and augmented or virtual content. The term encompasses virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. VR, AR, and MR can be thought of as sub-categories of extended reality technologies.

For Varjo, XR refers to our headsets’ ability to deliver anything between the real reality and virtual reality to the user, thanks to the flexibility of the video pass-through technology.

True Extended Reality devices (XR), such as Varjo, allow you to choose your level of virtuality freely in the experiences you decide to create. You can jump from 100 % real to a fully synthetic environment and back – or anywhere in between. Every pixel that the user sees can be controlled and manipulated, allowing for a seamless immersion.

Varjo is a first-of-a-kind headset to offer the ability to seamlessly switch from Real Reality into Mixed Reality onwards into full VR, and back to Real Reality. This makes for a very impressive demo. It is a Matrix-like moment to see the surrounding reality disappear and replaced by a virtual scene – and then traveling back. This is something that no other device is able to do.

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