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Field of View in VR / XR

Field of view refers to the amount (width) of the observable virtual world that you can see at one point in time when using VR/AR/XR headsets. The wider the field of view (or FOV), the more you can experience without having to turn your head. FOV is usually measured in degrees. For example, Varjo XR-4 Series headsets all offer a horizontal field of view of 120°, which almost matches the FOV of the human eye (135°)

Varjo Aero headset offers a 115° field of view (horizontal). A wide FOV is critical in creating a realistic experience inside a headset.

In augmented reality devices, especially when based on optical see-through technology, the field of view for the AR content is often narrow. Most AR glasses can only portray virtual content within a certain segment of the user’s overall FOV, for instance only for 30 or 40 degrees. For video pass-through-based mixed reality devices, virtual and mixed reality content can be portrayed across the full FOV of the user. This enhances overall immersion.

field of view in VR and XR headsets

This image illustrates the FOV of Varjo XR-3 headset compared to optical-see-through based AR glasses. In mixed reality devices that are based on video pass-through technology, virtual content can be portrayed across the full vision field.

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