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XR-4 Series Tweak Tool

Varjo XR-4 Series Tweak Tool provides a set of options and information that will help you monitor the headset performance and adjust some parameters for features that are still under development. Varjo Customer Support may also advise you to use the tool to help diagnose a possible issue with your headset.

Running the Tweak Tool does not affect the headset’s performance, and it can be kept open while using the headset.

Opening the Tweak Tool

Using the Tweak Tool


Opening the Tweak Tool

The tool VarjoXR-4SeriesTweakTool.exe is included in the Varjo Base installation package. The default installation location is C:\Program Files\Varjo\varjo-tweaktool.


Using the Tweak Tool

Camera system states

When the headset is connected and powered on, the tool displays the initialization process for the headset’s camera streams. The statuses for each stream are:

  • Idle
  • Starting
  • Running

To ensure reliable restart of the headset, the headset should only be powered on when all processes are in “Idle” state.

In case of problems with restarting the processes, Reboot Cameras button can be used to restart the camera system.

Once the camera systems are up and running, the Tweak Tool displays the status of each individual stream with color-coding:

  • Green color: system is performing as expected
  • Yellow and Red color: status may occasionally briefly display yellow color, which is not yet an indication of performance issues. However, if any of the streams shows up constantly as yellow or red, some of the features of the headset are not functioning correctly. In this case, it is recommended to check that your computer’s USB port and motherboard chipset are compatible with XR-4. See System requirements for XR-4 for more information.

Ambient light sensors

Ambient light sensor readings can be viewed in the Tweak Tool. This information can be useful for finding out an ideal white balance setting to use in Mixed reality camera settings in Varjo Base.

Focus value offset

XR-4 Focal Edition

In XR-4 Focal Edition, focus distances for the left and right eye can be adjusted separately. This setting can be used to mitigate issues in autofocus behavior if:

  • Video pass-through cameras do not focus correctly onto an object. For example, if an object 50 cm away does not appear sharp on the headset displays.
  • There is a discrepancy in focus between left and right.

To manually correct focus calibration issues, follow these steps:

  1. Set Automatic mixed reality camera focus distance off and manually set the focus distance to 50 cm from Mixed Reality settings in Varjo Base.
  2. Turn on Real-world view from Varjo Base.
  3. Put the headset on a table and place an object 50 cm away from the headset cameras.
  4. Start Tweak Tool and adjust the sliders so that the object is sharp in both left and right cameras. You can use the Analytics window to see when the image is sharp.
  5. Set Automatic mixed reality camera focus distance back on from Varjo Base.

Note: If you want to manually adjust focus so that the image is sharp at, for example, exactly 100 cm, use Varjo Base instead. Navigate to Mixed reality settings in Varjo Base, turn the Auto focus to manual mode, and then use a slider to control the focusing distance in centimeters.


Varjo Inside-out tracking settings

The Tweak Tool can be used to do small adjustments to the behavior of Varjo Inside-out tracking.

  • Switch tracking cameras: You can select which cameras to use for inside-out tracking:
    1. Click the dropdown menu next to Tracking cameras.
    2. Select which cameras to use for tracking. Options: Four cameras, Top only, Bottom only, Default
    3. Click Restart Tracking Tasks.

Note: By default, Varjo inside-out tracking uses the top cameras, and Varjo Controllers use the bottom cameras for tracking. Using the bottom cameras for both controller and inside-out tracking may result in suboptimal tracking performance for both. Also, if the view of the bottom cameras has been obstructed due to, for example, the headset being left on a table, tracking may be negatively affected. We recommend running Room Setup again to fix this.

  • Dampening: In case the tracking quality in your environment is not stable, you can try different dampening settings.
  • Tracking camera exposure: The automatic exposure of the tracking cameras may not yet perform optimally in all environments, for example with very bright lights. Use the manual exposure to override the automatic exposure.
  • Restart tracking: In case the headset stops tracking, you can restart the tracking of the headset using the Restart Tracking Tasks button. This allows to reset the tracking without having to restart Varjo Base completely.

Define presets and restore default settings

You can create your own presets  using the Save and Load buttons.

Press Reset button to restore the default settings.



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Private customers can order Aero through our selected Varjo resellers.