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Launching Varjo Base 2.3: What’s new?

A new version of the Varjo Base software for our headset users has become available this week. The latest 2.3 update has exciting new features and improvements for training and simulations, design, and research professionals, including support for multiple VR tracking solutions.

This blog post was published on May 4, 2020, and the software has been updated since then. See our latest Varjo Base release notes.

Get to know Varjo Base 2.3

We have released a new version of our headset companion software Varjo Base to help our users get the maximum value out of their Varjo devices. The new 2.3 software release includes exciting new features and improvements requested by Varjo’s customers in training, design, and research domains. The new improvements allow professional users to:

  • Use Varjo Markers as fast-moving objects in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Interact with digital objects and train more effectively with improved hand occlusion
  • Have more options for tracking systems
  • Save and export eye tracking data without coding

You can download the new Varjo Base immediately from our Downloads page.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the new features.

Improved visual markers

Varjo Markers, rolled out as a beta in our previous software update, now have improved tracking quality. We have implemented a predictive tracking mode for fast-moving objects. Users will be able to choose between fixed and kinetic positioning, enabling more effective and accurate overall positioning. There are now three different size options available for Varjo Markers: Small, Medium, and Large. Example application areas include:

  • Training & simulation – Place a virtual monitor with Varjo Marker inside a cockpit
  • Industrial design – Overlay virtual designs on top of 3D printed objects and interact with them intuitively
  • Multi-user mixed reality scenarios – Multiple people can handle and place the same objects easily on top of the real world

Unreal plugin for Varjo Markers is already available, whereas Unity will become supported later during Q2. Varjo’s customers can print Varjo Markers directly from our recently renewed Varjo Developer Portal.

Use Varjo Markers to bring and track virtual objects inside your mixed reality applications.

Improved hand occlusion for mixed reality users

Fueled by the user feedback we have received, depth sorting in our mixed reality headset has been improved substantially by deploying a new algorithm. Varjo users can now experience highly elevated hand occlusion with minimal noise and artifacts. This enables virtual content to blend even better with real-life elements. Example applications include:

  • Industrial design – Understand the scale of virtual objects and scenarios easier by bringing your hands into the virtual scene when studying for example user ergonomics
  • Training & simulation – More natural interaction with physical controllers enables truly immersive training scenarios for pilots

Alternative VR tracking solutions now available for Varjo headsets

Varjo users can now integrate their Varjo headsets with alternative VR tracking solutions such as ART, LP-Research, and AntiLatency. In Varjo Base, users can change vendor-specific settings, such as IP address, identifiers, and more. The feature is available as a beta version in Varjo Base and it will be rolled out as a full feature later in Q2. Example applications include:

  • Use and configure alternative tracking solutions easily if SteamVR tracking is not your preferred tracking method

Find more information on using alternative tracking systems here.

Alternative VR tracking solutions now available for Varjo headsets, including ART tracking, LPVR and AntiLatency
Varjo adds support for VR tracking solutions like ART, LP-Research, and AntiLatency.
Save and export eye tracking data easily with Varjo Base 2.3. Here you can see eye tracking data analyzed with the iMotions software.

Save and export eye tracking data without code

Varjo users can now export screen recordings and eye tracking data from Varjo Base without the need to access the application source code. This improvement enables the use of eye tracking analytics in any Varjo-SteamVR compatible application – even without native eye tracking support.

Example applications include:

  • Training & simulation: Analyze trainee performance with training sessions enriched with eye tracking analytics
  • Industrial design: Evaluate and optimize UX quickly and flexibly from existing visualizations
  • Research: Conduct eye tracking studies in VR without developer skills. Post-process recordings can be done with your preferred analytics tools

Here you can find step-by-step instructions on how to save and export eye tracking data from Varjo Base.

Recalibrate Mixed Reality cameras

To make sure that Varjo users always have correctly calibrated mixed reality cameras in use, we have made it possible for you to do the recalibration yourself. This is useful in case the headset has been handled improperly. Recalibration is possible by using a Varjo calibration marker available by request.

Here you can find a guide for recalibration and how to request a calibration marker from us.


Let us know what you think

We have many other new Varjo Base features and improvements on our drawing board, and we want to concentrate on the ones that matter the most to our professional users. So give the new Varjo Base a try, get in touch with us and tell us what you think. We warmly welcome all feedback and improvement suggestions.


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