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Displays and image quality

One or more of the headset displays are off or they show a corrupted image.

1. Reset the headset: Hold both the System button and Application button pressed down for 5 seconds, and release the buttons when the LED starts to blink red.

Wait until the headset has restarted and check that the displays show correct image.

2. If that doesn’t work, unplug the headset by removing the blue cable from the Link Box and restart your computer.

After your computer has restarted, re-connect the blue cable.

Check that the displays show a correct image now.


Q: The screen flickers, or the image does not update smoothly on the headset displays.

If the content you are running is too complex to render with your current computer, it may cause flickering or screen tearing.

See tips in the Develop for the VR-1 section on how to improve your application performance in Unity or Unreal.


The border between the focus and the peripheral areas doesn’t look smooth.

This can happen if your headset is not positioned optimally on your face, or the lens distance has not been adjusted correctly to match your eyes.

1. Go to the Varjo Base Settings page

Ensure that the settings Adjust lens distance automatically and Show guidance for headset alignment have been turned on.

If you don’t want to use automatic lens adjustment, ensure that the value you have manually entered matches your interpupillary distance.

2. Put your headset on again.

The headset will show on-screen instructions for aligning the device optimally on your face.

When the Headset alignment guidance is displayed, the headset will also automatically re-adjust the headset lenses for your eyes. You will hear a short buzzing sound during the adjustment.