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Webinar On Demand | First Look Into Varjo XR-3 and VR-3: Highest Performance for All Workflows

In December 2020, Varjo revealed the VR-3 and XR-3 headsets. Discover how these devices redefine professional virtual and mixed reality for training, research, simulation and design.

Get an in-depth look at Varjo XR-3 and VR-3

Your Hosts:

Urho Konttori
Founder, Chief Innovation Officer
Varjo Technologies


Jussi Mäkinen
Chief Brand Officer
Varjo Technologies

Get an in-depth look into Varjo’s VR-3 and XR-3 virtual and mixed reality headsets.

In this on-demand webinar Urho Konttori, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer and Jussi Mäkinen, Chief Brand Officer host a deep dive look into Varjo’s groundbreaking headsets through:

      • Live demos;
      • Discussions with various other technology leaders with exclusive insights into the future of Varjo; and
      • How immersive technologies will find their way into every workplace in the not so distant future.

Originally aired December 2020.



Leading the advancement of professional VR and XR

Every day, Varjo’s VR and XR devices are used to speed up design workflows, cut prototyping costs, improve training efficacy and efficiency, gain deeper insights into human research, and much more – all in a photorealistic immersive environment.

Step inside the unmatched immersive experience and discover why your peers and competitors are already leveraging Varjo’s professional XR/VR technologies today.

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Business customers have access to our full product range:

  • Varjo XR-3
  • Varjo VR-3
  • Varjo Aero

Available in over 35 countries


Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.

  • Varjo Aero

Available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, EU, Switzerland, Iceland, and Australia.


Business customers have access to our full product range.


Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.