Highest-end VR/XR for medical professionals.

Visualize medical data in human-eye resolution 3D, reduce cognitive load in education, and achieve better and safer training results with immersive simulations.


Designed for the most demanding use cases.

Varjo’s human-eye resolution VR/XR devices are a revolutionary solution for medical professionals interested in exploring immersive applications.

Due to the highest-end visual fidelity in Varjo’s devices, even the most complex anatomical structures and their properties can be represented and explored in a true-to-life virtual environment. Varjo’s devices have a resolution of more than 60 pixels per degree, which is multiple times higher than any other VR headset on the market.

With Varjo headsets, clinicians and students can explore 3D models and medical images more realistically than ever before. Ultimately, this helps accomplish more effective procedures and treatments, marking a major advancement in medical education and training.

Video: Unmodified screen capture of a Varjo HMD used to simulate a high-resolution 3D model of human anatomy. Copyright: 3A Anatomy.

Application areas include:

Visualize medical data in high-res 3D.

Moving medical image visualization to virtual reality enables professionals to visualize human anatomy in a photorealistic way. Varjo enables exploring true-to-life, highly detailed medical images in 3D.


More engaging medical education.

Create engaging 3D models of the human anatomy that students can interact with intuitively. 3D anatomy in human eye resolution makes learning immersive and helps reduce cognitive load.

Prepare for procedures safely.

Improve pre-operative planning by allowing surgeons to train for procedures in human-eye resolution VR and XR, more safely and accurately.


Achieve better training results.

Train and collaborate with other clinicians on real medical scenarios in VR/XR, transferring knowledge and improving procedural understanding before operations.

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Case Tampere University: Varjo Revolutionizes Medical Imaging


Varjo is partnering with Tampere University as it leads an ambitious research consortium that explores ways to present medical imaging data with new three-dimensional methods. The two-year project leverages virtual reality (VR), multi-sensory presentation, 3D printing, and haptic feedback to provide new ways to interact with large data masses.


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Case Osgenic: “Varjo is the only device that delivers the fidelity surgeons demand”


By partnering with Varjo to deliver a solution that allows surgeons to train for complex open surgeries in human-eye resolution VR, Osgenic aims to reduce open surgical complications saving patients pain and suffering and saving hospitals and insurance providers in costs.


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“ Human imaging must be able to represent complex biological structures. Varjo makes this more effective, as you can see and experience 3D content in human-eye resolution.”

Roope Raisamo - Professor, Head of Computer-Human Interaction at Tampere University

Proven advantage with VR/XR training.

“ORamaVR integrated with Varjo in 2019, and we were immediately impressed with Varjo’s photorealistic visual fidelity. The resolution, precision, and clarity, is absoultely pushing the boundaries of hyper-realistic VR experiences – a key component for the medical training market to embrace. Coupled with eye tracking integration, we are able to uniquely understand our healthcare users from a whole new perspective.” – Paolo A. Catilo, CCO | CEO-elect, ORamaVR

Medical equipment training requires expensive hardware setups that are costly and require a lot of space and maintenance. VR/XR trainers allow professionals to move parts of the training to a cost-effective, portable setup, while enabling professionals to train in a life-like environment. Moving even parts of the medical training from physical simulators to VR/XR can save an enormous amount of costs.

With Varjo’s XR-1 Developer Edition, it is possible to combine virtual models with physical tools. Through mixed reality training, the setup becomes even more realistic, while saving space and maintenance costs. Using Varjo’s XR-1 in a medical trainer, professionals can reduce their cognitive load, simulate real practices, work together with their colleagues and enhance their learning through immersion.

Track eye movements accurately with Varjo's 20/20 Eye Tracker

Varjo’s integrated 20/20 Eye Tracker™ is the world’s only eye tracker that’s optimized to track and analyze eye movements in true-to-life human-eye resolution VR/XR. Because subjects are able to see every detail, 20/20 Eye Tracker™ is able to single out more specific areas of interest to track, allowing extremely accurate tracking of trainee performance. Varjo’s eye tracking works with all head and eye types and just as accurately with users who are wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Varjo’s integrated 20/20 Eye Tracker™ tracks the eye with sub-degree accuracy.

Compatibility with the most popular 3D engines and software tools

Varjo VR HMDs are compatible with a growing collection of professional 3D engines and software tools, including Unreal®, Unity®, iMotions, and SteamVR applications.

When using Varjo XR-1 Developer Edition to build mixed reality applications, we offer a native SDK and plugins for Unity® and Unreal®. If you have an existing project built with Unity® or Unreal®, it easy to port it to run on XR-1. We are also committed to support OpenXR standard.


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XR-1, VR-2 and VR-2 Pro are available for purchase

Purchase Varjo’s device and see every detail come to life in human-eye resolution.

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