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Get to Know the Varjo XR-4 Series: Transforming Professional Workflows with Highest-Immersion Virtual and Mixed Reality

January 31, 2024
by Ferhat Sen, Director, XR Technology Solutions, Varjo
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The Varjo XR-4 Series, consisting of the standard Varjo XR-4, the XR-4 Focal Edition optimized for enhanced mixed reality simulation, and XR-4 Secure Edition tailor-made for secure environments, represents a groundbreaking advancement in virtual and mixed reality technology for professional applications. Read why our latest devices not only push the boundaries of immersive experiences but also set a new standard for visual quality.

Varjo XR-4 Series VR visual quality
Varjo XR-4 Series

We are at the forefront of a new era in computing. At Varjo, our commitment is to provide professionals with the best tools for this significant shift and help enterprises reap the tangible business benefits of VR/XR already today. The recently announced Varjo XR-4 Series is a testament to this commitment. Already a part of the digital transformation of over 25% of Fortune 100 companies, including leading enterprises in the automotive and defense sectors, Varjo is set to make highest-immersion virtual and mixed reality more accessible with our new XR-4 Series.  

Let’s dive deeper into how the XR-4 Series is designed and engineered to power the most immersive industrial applications today. 

VR Visual Quality: Achieving Superlative Immersion

Varjo XR-4 VR visual qualityVisual quality is the cornerstone of immersion in virtual reality environments. It bridges the gap between the virtual and the real, making digital interactions feel more authentic and engaging. High-resolution displays, wider color gamut, and increased brightness not only enhance the realism of virtual environments but also reduce eye strain and fatigue, making the XR experience more comfortable and sustainable for prolonged use. This is especially crucial in professional settings, where visual accuracy is paramount. 

The XR-4 devices boast the highest-resolution ever made for XR headsets with their 4K x 4K per eye displays and our custom-designed variable resolution aspheric lenses reaching a resolution of 51 pixels per degree (51 ppd). The headsets showcase an astounding 28 million pixels across their field of view, ensuring unparalleled visual fidelity. This resolution, combined with industrial-grade color accuracy covering 96% DCI-P3 and 98% sRGB, 200 nits of brightness, and local dimming, delivers striking contrast and clarity. These features make the XR-4 devices particularly beneficial for professionals who rely on detailed visual information, such as pilots, engineers, designers, or medical experts.

Software Compatibility: Power Tools for Advanced Applications

The new Varjo XR-4 Series embodies the highest performance and immersion achievable for industrial applications that demand the utmost in VR visual quality and performance. 

Designed for the most technically demanding use cases, the XR-4 devices are akin to power tools in the realm of XR technology. They leverage the extensive computing capabilities of PCs, vastly outperforming the processing power of standalone devices, to run graphically intensive Windows-based software and applications.

Over 100+ professional-grade PC-based applications integrate with Varjo, including Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d, Autodesk VRED, BI Simulations’ VBS Blue IG, and NVIDIA Omniverse, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive toolset for professionals based on their existing ways of working. 

VR field of view XR-4

Field of View: Expanding the Virtual Horizon

One of the most compelling features of the XR-4 Series is its expanded field of view, spanning 120° x 105° degrees.

Combined with the highest-resolution visual fidelity, this breakthrough in optics design allows the headsets to encompass the standard of ‘full binocular vision’, introducing a realistic sense of depth to XR experiences.

The wide field of view not only enhances immersion but also provides professional users with a more natural and comfortable visual experience. 

Industrial-Grade Eye Tracking: Enhancing Efficiency and Realism

Another standout feature of the XR-4 Series is its 200 Hz eye tracking, which powers dynamic foveated rendering. This technology enhances the efficiency of the headsets by focusing processing power on where the user is looking, thereby improving performance and realism. This feature is particularly valuable in training simulations and detailed visualizations, where maintaining realistic interactions and responses is crucial. 

Varjo XR-4

A New Era of Professional XR with Varjo XR-4 Series

By offering high-performance virtual and mixed reality tools at a new price point, starting at 3990 dollars or euros without any subscriptions, we are not just catering to the current needs of the world’s biggest companies but are also paving the way for the future of professional XR applications.

With the XR-4 Series, Varjo is excited to continue leading the charge in this new computing paradigm, equipping industrial users with the tools they need for entering the world of spatial computing. 

Interested in experiencing the XR-4’s ultimate VR visual quality in action? Reach out to our expert sales team to learn more about the new devices.


Please note that the Varjo XR-4 Series software is still in beta. You can explore the software updates in our recent blog post.


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