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Get to Know the New VR/XR Software Features in Varjo Base 4.0 (Beta)

The latest Beta release of Varjo Base introduces the first software support for the all new Varjo XR-4 Series headsets and adds support and general improvements to the Varjo Reality Cloud immersive streaming service.

Please note Varjo Base 4.0 (Beta) is intended for Varjo XR-4 Series users only.

What’s new in Varjo Base 4.0 (Beta)?

Varjo Base is the industry’s most versatile, powerful, and intuitive companion software for advanced VR and XR usage. With update 4.0 (Beta), available to download via the account portal, Varjo Base now supports the all new generation of Varjo devices, the XR-4 Series.

Varjo Base 4.0 (Beta) is intended for Varjo XR-4 Series users only. Those using previous generation devices (XR-3, VR-3, Aero) are recommended to continue using Varjo Base 3.10.3.

    • Introduces support for XR-4 Series devices (XR-4, XR-4 Focal Edition and XR-4 Secure Edition headsets.)
  • Adds support for Varjo Controllers.
  • Includes support for DTS Headphone:X spatial audio.
  • Enables Azure SSO login as an alternative to logging in with a Varjo Account
  • Adds Varjo XR-4 Series headsets to supported devices of Varjo Reality Cloud streaming.

Welcome XR-4 Series users

Varjo’s all new generation of headsets have landed and shipments have begun. Initial users of the new range (XR-4, XR-4 Focal Edition and XR-4 Secure Edition) must update to Varjo Base 4.0 (Beta) to connect and dive into an all-new tier of immersion.

Doing so will also enable access to Varjo Reality Cloud with the new headsets, add the use of the all-new Varjo Controllers and allow users to experience spatial audio via the integrated speakers with support for DTS Headphone:X.

Learn more about the XR-4 Series

xr-4 beta

Single sign-on with Azure

To better support enterprise users, it is now possible to sign in to Varjo Base using the single sign-on (SSO) feature facilitated by Microsoft Azure. Signing in with Varjo Account details also remains possible.

Read more in the full release notes

Shape your experience

Varjo Base version 4.0 is debuting as a Beta release. This release, intended only for early users of the new Varjo XR-4 Series devices, will allow for the team at Varjo to improve and perfect features and stability based on real user feedback.

Varjo Base version 4 will graduate from the Beta phase in early 2024. In this initial version there are some known issues that are detailed in the release notes. If you encounter any further issues, or wish to give feedback based on your needs and requirements, do not hesitate to let us know.

Download Varjo Base 4.0 (Beta)

xr-4 beta

Let us know what you think

To delve deeper into this Beta release and learn about all of the new features, additions, and fixes, please take a look at the full release notes.

We introduce new software features and improvements based on feedback from our customers, and we’d like to concentrate on the features that matter the most to our users. So, after giving the new Varjo Base a try, get in touch with us and tell us what you think. We warmly welcome all feedback and improvement suggestions.

Download the new Varjo Base


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