Varjo Lease now available for customers in Finland and Sweden

Varjo has launched a leasing plan for VR-2, VR-2 Pro, and XR-1 Developer Edition. Varjo Lease gives you access to the world’s most advanced virtual and mixed reality products with an affordable and simple 24-month payment plan. In addition to full commercial use of the device, the plan includes Varjo’s premium enterprise Software and Support service and the ability keep the headset by paying the residual value at the end.

Varjo Lease is currently available only in Finland and Sweden.

Benefits of Varjo Lease

  • Pay nothing upfront with instant access to the most advanced immersive technology in the world
  • Predictable and simple monthly payment
  • Varjo’s premium Software and Support service, including latest product updates and information

Example prices

Pricing for Varjo Lease for 24 months + residual value to be paid at the end to keep the device:

VR-2: 279€ / month + 329€ residual value
VR-2 Pro: 339€ / month + 399€ residual value
XR-1 Developer Edition: 599€ / month + 699€ residual value


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