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Get to Know the New VR/XR Software Features in Varjo Base 4.3

The latest version of Varjo Base significantly improves the user experience of Varjo headsets. It features an expanded field of view passthrough for the XR-4 Focal Edition, a larger focus area for foveation, better tracking, and additional enhancements.

What’s new in Varjo Base 4.3?

Varjo Base version 4.3 brings enhancements for all XR-4 Series headsets, and features major improvements for the XR-4 Focal Edition’s passthrough experience.

Key highlights of the update include:

  • A new ‘Full FOV’ mode for passthrough with the Varjo XR-4 Focal Edition
  • The foveated, higher resolution focus area has increased in size, nearly 50% in the XR-4 Focal Edition, and now blends more smoothly with the surrounding image
  • Users can now switch between 90Hz and 75Hz passthrough frame rates for varied use cases
  • Mixed reality alignment has been further improved, benefiting inside out tracking and SteamVR based tracking
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

For the complete list of new features, improvements, and known issues, please refer to the release notes.

Introducing Full FOV mode to the Focal Edition

Initially, the Varjo XR-4 Focal Edition had a locked frame rate and cropped field of view for its video passthrough, restricting the top and bottom of the users vision when looking at their physical surroundings.

With Varjo Base version 4.3, users can now switch the passthrough frame rate to a new 75Hz setting, allowing for an expansive, top to bottom, 120° x 105° FOV passthrough.

Read the full release notes

Varjo XR-4 with variable focus

Improved Foveation experience

Switching the passthrough frame rate to 75Hz also enlarges the higher resolution foveated focus area for XR-4 Series headsets, nearly doubling it in size with the XR-4 Focal Edition.

Additionally, the focus area now more seamlessly merges with the surrounding passthrough feed thanks to an improved blending effect.

Read more in the full release notes


Autofocus Calibration

Take advantage of the new calibration process for the XR-4 Focal Edition. The simple guided procedure enables users to initiate autofocus calibration at any time, ensuring precise gaze-based passthrough autofocus functionality.

For more information on how to download the associated marker and initiate the process, please refer to the associated documentation.

Read more in the full release notes


Let us know what you think

Varjo Base updates come frequently, bringing updates and improvements on a consistent basis. Major updates are scheduled every two months, with incremental releases in between.

To delve deeper into this release and learn about all of the new features, additions, and fixes, please take a look at the full release notes.

We introduce new software features and improvements based on feedback from our customers, and we’d like to concentrate on the features that matter the most to our users. So, after giving the new Varjo Base a try, get in touch with us and tell us what you think. We warmly welcome all feedback and improvement suggestions.

Download the new Varjo Base


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