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Varjo Lab Tools 1.2: Introducing skeletal hand masks, chroma key and more

March 7, 2022
by Samuli Jääskeläinen, Senior Software Engineer, Varjo
XR/VR generic, XR/VR tips and tricks

Varjo Lab Tools 1.2 has just been released and it brings us new ways of mixing virtual and real worlds.

Skeletal hand mask


We added a new type of mask that is derived from skeletal structure provided by Ultraleap tracking. We apply a simple generic hand mesh on the skeletal model and use that as a 3D mesh mask. This mask can be used together with imported or modelled masks. We recommend using restricted masking mode for this use case.


Chroma key controls and user interface improvements

By popular request we are bringing chroma key controls from Varjo Base to Varjo Lab Tools too. Now you can save and load your chroma key settings in Varjo Lab Tools together with masks and camera settings. And as we are speaking of saving, we have made separate saving to functions: save new and save copy.

You can easily clean all the settings in Varjo Lab Tools when making a new file or do a duplicate copy of the settings without losing everything you have set. We have also added renaming to mask meshes so you can more easily organize and identify your individual masks in more complex setups.


Improved performance and workflow

We identified a performance issue when editing imported high poly meshes in Varjo Lab Tools. This version brings optimization for the editing of complex masks meshes. If you suffered previously from slowdown when editing your masks, the issue should be now resolved.

There is also now a quick way to toggle between Use Mode and Edit Mode with a motion controller or a keyboard. This improves the iteration time when making and testing masks inside Varjo Lab Tools.

Previously you could only bring masks into the Lab Tools, but now you can also export them to be edited or used in other 3D modelling software or in your own applications that support masking. Masks are exported as obj-files and anchor offsets are applied to the exported file.

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