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Webinar On Demand: How Volvo used Mixed Reality to Fast Forward Design Processes

Join us as Volvo Cars and Varjo take you through the journey of the development of the world’s first Mixed Reality Test Drive.

Hear how the world's first XR test drive was accomplished

Webinar hosts

Casper Wickman
Senior Technical Leader/Senior Researcher, Volvo Cars

Casper works as Senior Technical Leader within human-centric methods and tools at Volvo Cars. He has 20 years of experience from the automotive industry and academic research in development of advanced tools and methods for verification and validation of new products. Casper is the inventor of several ground-breaking innovations to develop products faster and more efficiently.


Urho Konttori
Founder & Chief Product Officer, Varjo

Urho has over 15 years of experience in designing, engineering and managing large-scale hardware and software projects at Microsoft and Nokia. Before Varjo, he has been responsible for scouting, evaluating and defining high consumer value innovations such as novel cameras, see-through touch-screen fingerprint and VR headset technologies in more than a dozen mobile products, resulting in over 10 patents.

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“Driving with an XR headset is the most challenging automotive use case Volvo has ever worked on. Varjo is the only device that’s up to the challenge,” says Casper Wickman, Technical Leader at Volvo Cars.

Watch this online presentation, held on November 21, 2019, to hear more about how Volvo Cars and Varjo have developed the world’s first XR approach to evaluating design and safety technologies.  For the first time ever, Volvo Cars and Varjo have made it possible to drive a car while wearing Varjo’s mixed reality pass-through headset, seamlessly adding virtual elements that seem real. You will hear insights about the unique technical challenges that have been resolved to make it happen, and learn more about how mixed reality can be used in advanced automotive use cases like fast-forwarding design processes and technology development.

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Hosts: Casper Wickman & Urho Konttori