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Webinar On Demand: How to Navigate Common Pitfalls While Building an Immersive Technology Program

Hosted live by our reseller partner RAVE Computers at Siggraph 2020, this panel session features Varjo’s Sales and Solutions Engineer – John O’Neill with other select industry experts.

Together, they discuss the unique challenges of implementing an immersive technology program, and identify a few fundamental tenets to ensure success.

Every innovation begins with a spark

The Panelists:

John O’Neill
Sales and Solutions Engineer
Varjo Technologies

Karl Rosenberger
Director of Product Development
RAVE Computer

Ryan Oberholzer
VR/AR Developer and Component Prototyping Engineer
Ford Motor Company

Tom Armbruster
Chief Strategy Officer

Rick Champagne
Global Industry Strategy and Marketing, Media and Entertainment

And Your Host – Mona Ketterl
Technologist and Founder of CRAFT

Webinar on building an immersive technology program

A moment of brilliance that sets the stage for our imaginations to run wild.

To design. Invent. Create. Advance. Immersive technologies hold the power to bring that spark to life.

But the path to innovation is fraught with deadlines, details, budgets, and blunders. Simply choosing the wrong headset model can derail an entire immersive program. Fortunately, there are common patterns in immersive tech failures and successes across industries and programs.

In this panel session recorded live at Siggraph 2020, Varjo, RAVE and other industry experts discuss these challenges and identify a few fundamental tenets to ensure success for your immersive technology solution.

Session Topic: “Are you afraid of the F-word? | Navigate Common Pitfalls as you Build your Immersive Tech Program”

Varjo Panelist: John O’Neill, Sales and Solutions Engineer at Varjo

Time: Live webinar was held on August 25, 2020 – sign up below to receive the link to the recording via email.

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