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Webinar on demand: Streamline digital twin development and prototyping in mixed reality

Framery has pioneered a ground-breaking workflow that enables rapidly iterative design work to be carried out in mixed reality for the first time.

Learn how they are leveraging Solidworks, Keyshot and KeyVR in combination with Varjo XR-3 to forge this new path for design prototyping and collaboration.


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Your hosts:

Miika Hällfors
Chief Engineer

Jan Simon
KeyVR Lead and Product Owner

Marcus Olsson
Head of Software Partnerships

Hear experts from Varjo, KeyVR and Framery as they discuss in-depth the significant benefits of developing prototypes and digital twins in Varjo’s photorealistic mixed reality. In this 1-hour webinar, learn how you can:

  • Leverage Solidworks, Keyshot and KeyVR for mixed reality design workflows
  • Enable real-time editing of full-sized, photorealistic digital twin prototypes
  • Reduce the product design cycle significantly (Framery reduced by 4 weeks)
  • See rapid return on investment in VR/XR for design and engineering



About Framery

Framery is the maker of the industry-leading in-office, sound isolated pods for calls, meetings and concentrated work. Recognizing the importance of cutting-edge technology for driving up standards in product design and engineering, Framery created a ground breaking workflow leveraging mixed reality to streamline their design processes.

Empowered by the high resolution and video pass-through features of Varjo XR-3, this pioneering workflow enables collaborative review and interactive usability testing of full-sized virtual prototypes.