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Boeing Starliner, Varjo and Unreal Engine: Astronaut Training in Virtual Reality – VR case studies

Webinar: How Boeing Trains Astronauts with Varjo's Virtual Reality Powered by Unreal Engine

Watch this one-hour session to learn how the Boeing Starliner program trains astronauts for spaceflight with virtual reality (VR). Come with us for a detailed discussion about the development behind the immersive training that uses Unreal Engine and Varjo human-eye resolution HMDs.

Learn how Boeing, Varjo and Unreal Engine are transcending the way astronauts are trained


Connie Miller, Software Engineer at Boeing Starliner

Leighton Carr, Chief Architect, Emerging Technologies at Boeing

Steven Siceloff, Boeing Communications, International Space Station/Lunar Exploration

Sebastien Loze, Industry Manager, Simulations at Unreal Engine, Epic Games

Urho Konttori, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Varjo

Geoff Bund, Head of Business Development, Varjo

Annaleena Kuronen, Head of Communications, Varjo

Get an insider perspective as Boeing, Varjo and Unreal Engine take you through the journey of developing VR training for astronauts

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The Boeing Starliner program has unlocked an entirely new way for astronauts to prepare for spaceflight. Using Varjo’s human-eye resolution VR powered by Unreal Engine, Boeing is able to train astronauts for each phase of the entire mission – from pre-launch to docking to landing – entirely in virtual reality for the first time.

We are joined by VR training experts from Boeing, Unreal Engine, and Varjo. The webinar was originally held on October 8th, 2020.

“Being able to read the crew displays with a VR headset from a normal position in the capsule was mandatory. Without that, we were really stuck – until we found a headset that worked.” – Connie Miller, Boeing  

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