Varjo and SteamVR

You can SteamVR applications with Varjo headset in a similar manner as any other compatible SteamVR/OpenVR device. However if you are willing to get maximum resolution from Varjo device, please refer to the guide below.

Usage of SteamVR applications with Varjo Headset

Varjo Base Software 2.0 introduces SteamVR application support through the OpenVR Driver integration. All of the applications developed for SteamVR can now run on Varjo headsets without any additional adjustments. However, you should remember that Varjo headset screen pixel density is much higher than that of other headset manufacturers. 100% resolution in SteamVR software is at 4096 by 4096 pixels per eye and this may be too demanding for some older video cards or some heavy applications.

You can adjust the rendered resolution by going to the Video tab in the SteamVR settings and ticking the “Enable custom resolution” box. Here you can manually change the resolution from as low as 20% to 500% of the native resolution. Note that after 8k resolution is reached, there is no reason to increase resolution any further, as you wouldnt see any image improvements anymore.  Make sure to check the value you have set up for the application that is being used in Applications tab in SteamVR Settings. The value set here will be multiplied by the value set in Video tab, so be careful not to change this value from 100% unless necessary. Note that after new resolution is set, often the application must be restarted for changes to be applied.