Varjo XR-4 series mixed reality headsets

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Our headsets were made for superlative immersion and realism in professional mixed reality. Get in touch and our product experts will help you figure out the best way to use Varjo’s industry-leading technology to unlock business benefits and create new immersive experiences.

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Human-eye resolution, revolutionary full-dome optics, enhanced depth awareness, and inside-out tracking. Get hands-on with superlative immersion. The Varjo XR-4 Series is now available and shipping worldwide to companies of all sizes. No subscription required. Note that the accompanying software is still in beta.

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Leading the advancement of professional XR and VR

Investment into immersive technologies (VR, AR, and XR) is growing over 50% year-over-year so the time to start is now! Every day, Varjo devices are used to speed up design workflows, cut prototyping costs, improve training efficacy and efficiency, gain deeper insights into human research, and much more – all in a photorealistic immersive environment.

Mixed Reality is a combination of the best of both virtual and augmented reality. XR enables seamless mixing of virtual and real elements and objects in a way never seen before. Varjo’s video pass-through technology is vastly superior to the standard optical see-through systems used in other augmented reality headsets – making Varjo XR-3 the only device where virtual objects look real instead of appearing as holographic augmentations.

Ready to see your own virtual content in human-eye resolution? Looking to virtualize your workflows and operations? Working to improve force safety and readiness? Discover why your peers and competitors are already leveraging Varjo’s professional XR and VR technologies today.

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