Linux Developer

At Varjo we create hardware and software to fulfil our vision of immersive computing. Our virtual and mixed reality products will transform the way professionals work, create and experience reality.

We want to work with the best – we want you to join us. We are offering you an exciting position where you can see into the future and play your part in shaping it.

When we are done, computers will look nothing like what they do right now.

Job description

System on a chip, SoC – that’s a word that sounds perfectly self-contained to every device developer. But a system is never just a chip – it needs software to function. In our case the software is running on top of Linux.

You will be joining our research team to deep dive into our Headset platforms ultra-modern deeply integrated SoC. Your goal is to release its full potential for us to implement real-time processing needed to drive unique Mixed Reality experiences. Your main responsibilities will be development of the system software on Linux and user space application driver API’s. Additionally you will be involved on setting up the development environment for the Kernel and the system image, build system and planning automated system testing. To succeed in this job, you need experience of developing kernel-level software to Linux as well as working in embedded or SoC development projects.

Our developers, designers, and HW engineers are world-class in what they do, and we want you to aim for the same level. As an individual, you obviously need to want to solve nearly impossible problems and be a team player who wants to work with other world-class software developers, designers, and HW engineers.

This is a full-time position located in Helsinki, Finland. Commuting from other cities in Finland is a possibility we can discuss and support. We will gladly help with relocating to Finland and make your move to the capital of the world's happiest, cleanest and one of the safest countries as smooth as possible.